Senior, I am really in love with Lan Er. Why can’t you betrothed him to me? Come on, you may dislike my humble status, but now my strength has reached a quite high level. If I want to, my horse can experience the rapid rise of thunder and robbery. Do you still think that I don’t deserve Lan Er? Situhao said urgently.

When Situhao was talking, people who had completely released their own strength to the mysterious magic island could clearly feel that Situhao’s force had indeed reached the realm of soaring martial arts.
Brother Xuanmo Island realized that Situ Hao’s powerful face was not surprised. A young man under the age of 30 could reach such a powerful state by force. The young man in front of him is definitely a martial arts wizard who has never met in a thousand years.
Your present state is indeed worthy of Lan Er, but many things are not as simple as you think. Lan Er can never be betrothed to you. I once wanted to kill you to calm down some things, but even if I killed you today, I’m afraid it can’t stop some things from happening. To be honest, our three brothers also admire you very much. We set up a Heaven Guild to let us see the fairy magic continent. I hope this is also an important reason for me to give up hunting for you. Because a young man has a bright future in the fairy magic continent, we don’t want to pursue your attack. Kill our mysterious magic island people, you’d better hurry back to the fairy mainland and try to do a good job of the Heaven Guild to create a preface for all creatures in the fairy mainland. Zhuge Yi said to Situhao slowly and slowly at this time.
Senior, when you sent Laner to kill me, I already felt something unusual. Can you tell me what kind of secret is hidden in this? Maybe we can think of a solution together. I really mean Laner to kill her. I am desperate, said Situhao with a sincere face.
Situhao’s voice fell to the ground, and the three island owners of Xuanmo Island immediately looked at each other, but I could see that they had been moved by Situhao’s words.
A moment later, Zhuge Yi said with a sigh, alas, this matter has been implicated by too many people today. When the time comes, we will hide you and let you stay out of it. I hope you can carry forward the Heaven Society and create a good living environment for all creatures. This is the most gratifying thing for us. Chapter 35 Men are responsible.
Situhao listened to Zhuge Yi’s words and felt a little grateful that he didn’t let Zhuge Yi go and moved him. He was moved by the thought of the whole world.
Although the mysterious magic island has always been external, they also belong to the fact that this kind of strength is not based on the suffering of the people. This is already a very rare thing. Situhao has really attached himself to the mysterious magic island for this.
Listening to Zhuge Yitian’s words, the mysterious magic island seems to have really reached a very urgent point, and it seems that the mysterious magic island is facing a crisis. Don’t tell him that Zhuge Qinglan is not involved now, but it is impossible for him to be cut. No matter what kind of trouble you met, can you tell me?
Where did you leave when I told you to? There’s so much nonsense. How can we be in such trouble if we’re not as young as you? Over the years, we haven’t had a good meal and slept well. Lan Er also lost the happiness of the past because of you. When I saw you, I wanted to beat you up. A middle-aged man next to Zhuge Yi glared at Situhao and drank a way.
Situhao listened to this angry drink, and his heart couldn’t help becoming heavier. His look was more transient than firm. Since this matter is with me, I can’t stand by and I can’t let her go through all the pain again. I want to give her happiness. Even if you are in great trouble, I want you to face Situhao together, he said resolutely.
Looking at Situhao’s face, the gloomy face of the three island owners can’t help but slow down a lot of good people. You are indeed a responsible person. Situhao and I decided to apologize to you that day. I hope you won’t be upset. Zhuge Yi said with regret that day.
This is a law of the jungle world. Situ Hao is faced with a strategic trouble that even the mysterious magic island is helpless. This firm stance really moved Zhuge Yitian and his two brothers. Situ Hao’s personality charm has been fully displayed in front of him, but when he saved the mysterious magic island, he sent the people who fought against the mysterious magic island to hunt him down. This did not make him feel guilty.
Senior, I already feel that you should be with me when you are in trouble. I can never leave it alone. Whether it is Xuanmo Island or Laner, I will take on the responsibility of you to cope with the upcoming crisis. Senior can speak to me.
When Situhao said these words, Zhuge Qinglan had already burst into tears after a group of buildings, and his expression was very complicated.
It’s true that over the years, I’ve been worried about it for Situ Hao, and it’s worth it to treat everything like this.
When her father decided to kill Stuart, she had a fierce conflict with him. At that time, Zhuge Yi could change everything when he said it. Stuart could not remember him, but today Stuart’s action shattered his father’s words that day, which was enough for her to comfort her pain over the years.
When she met him, she was still a young girl, but now she has gone through several years of painful mental journey. She is no longer that ignorant little girl, and now she can better understand Situhao’s rare true feelings.
Pain is a lover, which is gratifying for Zhuge Qinglan’s experience in recent years.
We have nothing to say to you. You should get out of here now. It is the greatest reward for us that you can make the natural spirit live a comfortable life. You should get out of the mysterious magic island quickly. It is still the middle-aged Han Li who has a hot temper, and he is Zhuge Yifeng, the owner of the mysterious magic island.
Situhao is a wise man. Although Zhuge Yifeng’s words are very sharp now, he doesn’t want him to be involved in the danger of Xuanmo Island anyway. He doesn’t dislike me. I said that I want you to bear what will happen in Xuanmo Island together, and I will never leave Situhao.
You bear what makes you bear small? You can meet me with three punches and not fail. I’ll let you and us bear Zhuge Yi’s burden together, and the wind is cold and yin said
ZhuGeYiFeng voice landing SiTuHao almost didn’t consider directly nodded and said yes, I’ll pick you up. SiTuHao has fallen to the ground and stood proudly.
Zhuge Yi’s three brothers never dreamed that Situhao could agree to their conditions without hesitation. At this moment, either they have developed admiration for Situhao or those people from the mysterious magic island have already made a good impression on this little boy, because he killed the people from the mysterious magic island, but his hatred has been resolved.
Situhao flew to the ground, and Zhuge Yi’s three brothers also flew to the ground in order. Zhuge Yifeng stared at Situhao with stupefied eyes and said, young man, my strength has reached a considerable height. Generally speaking, the fairy demon has already exceeded the limit of human force. You can’t get three punches from me. Now if you go back on your word, I’m afraid your soul will stay in Xuanmo Island forever.
The man who is a man of integrity said that he would take you three punches, and he would never hesitate to stop talking nonsense. Come and attack me. When Situ Hao spoke, he was already self-interested, driving his mind to lead the spirit to nirvana, making his mind lead the five elements to nirvana, and the hidden power was distributed in his body.
It took a man to bear the responsibility that he had to meet Zhuge Yifeng with three punches.
At this moment, Hao sounded like a heavenly sound, and a beautiful body flashed across Zhuge Qinglan, now in front of Situhao.
See ZhuGeQingLan SiTuHao points to feel his heart is broken in an instant.
Zhuge Qinglan’s face was covered with tears at the moment. Although she was still so beautiful that day, her cheeks looked thinner than innocence, and there was a melancholy temperament. Zhuge Qinglan personally gave him the feeling that he was delicate and touching. When he saw her at first sight, he was not heartbroken but also showed a strong feeling of weakness than pity. Chapter 36 Pretending to be weak.
Hao, you should go quickly. I don’t want you anymore. You don’t have to bear any responsibility, and you don’t have to pick up the uncle’s three punches here. Zhuge Qinglan said with tears.
ZhuGeQingLan sample has said everything. Situhao knew that she would say this just to let him leave here. In ZhuGeQingLan’s words, Situhao has rushed to her front with a face of refusal. No matter what you say, I won’t leave here. I’m going to take on what’s going to happen with XuanMo Island. From now on, I won’t throw you away. When talking, Situhao’s hands have caught ZhuGeQingLan’s soft hands.
ZhuGeQingLan but also Bai Xuan magic island yesterday, what kind of crisis was it? She wanted to come calmly. The coldest look made Situhao leave, but the feelings were not enough. At this time, Situhao grabbed a pair of small hands, but she didn’t do it. I have no feelings for you. You must be persistent. You’d better get out of here and go back to your other mother.
Little fool, do you think I will believe it? Don’t say anything. I won’t leave the mysterious island today.
In this case, let uncle hit you three times. If you can’t beat you, you can stay. If you can’t climb up, I’ll let people send you back to the fairy land. Zhuge Qinglan saw that Situhao had no choice. She could make Situhao leave by this most convenient means.
Situhao is quite white about his physique. Seeing Zhuge Qinglan’s words, he immediately nodded and said, Uncle hit me three times. I can still get up. What kind of crisis does Xuanmo Island have to face? You have to tell me in detail how to let me bear it together.
SiTuHao voice landing ZhuGeQingLan is afraid to promise SiTuHao but turned to the mysterious magic island three elders.
When Zhuge Yifeng saw Zhuge Qinglan looking at himself and others, he immediately nodded and said, it’s a deal. He will not get up in my fist.
Zhuge Qinglan’s face flashed with a look of pain. His hands broke free directly from Situhao and turned to his father’s side and gently said, "Uncle, let him stop bothering me. You must knock him down and don’t let him get up again."
Don’t worry, uncle will make him unable to climb up. Zhuge Yifeng said here that he turned his head slightly and looked at Situhao coldly. You can prepare now.
Situhao proudly nodded heavily, uncle. I’m ready for you. Come on, Situhao followed Zhuge Qinglan in his mouth. He wanted to make Zhuge Yifeng’s expert show mercy and not attack himself.
Here, it’s really not sure that a master who can compete with fairies can hit Situhao, but he can get three punches.
Situhao uncle played a ZhuGeYi wind couldn’t help frowned slightly.