Followed by Huangfuhan, "Song An" and others … Pool Festival where to row.

However, just when this group of people just entered the entrance of the black hole, the mutation suddenly happened, and a dark cloud like ink was instantly crushed, but it turned out to be a flying figure and went straight to the entrance of the black hole!
Pure Yin suddenly swearing "is the magic man! Stop them! "
Just then, professional and figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and a huge array was crushed in an instant, and immediately it was shrouded in the right way!
"Be careful! It’s the Dead Star Chart! "
Pure Yin got a fright, and Ren Huang’s pen in his hand quickly hit it, which resisted the silent astrolabe and avoided everyone being trapped in the array.
"Bastard! Xu and Lao Er, what do you mean? "
Pure Yin’s face was furious, but for his reaction just now, the whole black hole entrance would collapse instantly! By then, Liu Fei and others who have already entered this place should come out again?
"hey! It’s not interesting. How can such a grand event be without my magic door? Today, I’ve come to ask you for a few places to send my magic brother into this experience! "
The words sound just fell and just rushed to the front of the black hole. More than a dozen magic brothers have filed straight in and disappeared in front of everyone.
"Not good! Stop entering! "
Pure Yin got a fright and quickly stopped drinking. There are more than ten brothers who have not yet entered the right path!
"The channel has reached saturation and can’t go in!"
After estimating the whole channel correctly before Pure Yin, a total of 30 people can enter, but just now the right way factions have already entered a dozen people. At this time, the magic door has entered again, and more than a dozen people almost instantly saturated the channel.
At this time, if you send your brother in again, I’m afraid the whole passage will collapse!
I have to say that the timing of the magic door is very accurate. Although the pure yin has taken precautions, they finally picked up the leak and sent more than ten magic brothers to it!
[36] hallucinations?
? "Hey smelly old goodbye so look at me! Say that I seem to have taken advantage of you! "
I realized that Pure Yin wanted to kill people, but I couldn’t help but laugh. I just saw his big hand lift the original pen to compete with the "Silent Astrologe" and flew back to his hands instantly!
"Hum! Isn’t it? "
Pure Yin a sullen cold hum a this just also put away Ren Huang pen.
"You will know if it takes advantage of you for a while!"
As he spoke, he saw Xu and his hands pounding out a series of resolutions and poured them into his "Silent Astral Disk", and then he lightly denounced a "Kai!"
As soon as the voice fell into his hand, the "Dead Star Disc" was instantly magnified dozens of times and then hit the black hole!
Pure Yin face a change of consciousness again fuelling up Ren Huang pen a face of careful alert.
But this time it seems that he is really worrying.
Xu He didn’t want to deal with them, but went straight to the "Silent Astrolabe" and broke into the black hole to maintain the stability of the black hole entrance.
With the "Silent Astrolabe" joining the right path, the masters of various schools suddenly feel that the pressure is lighter and they need to deliberately provoke the true qi. The entrance to the black hole has been completely stable, and it is not as big and small as before, and it may burst at any time.
"This …"
All a face of indecision and uncertainty will look at the pure Yin.
"hey! Such as? "
Xu He looked at the pure Yin with a smug face and immediately smiled. "With my lost astrolabe dimension, this black hole is completely stable. At least the whole entrance dimension has been extended several times!"
"Do you still think I took advantage of you?"
"Hum! You will be so kind? "
I’ve already seen professional and shameful behavior, pure yin. Where can I believe it at this time? Even if I snorted.
"Believe it or not!"
Professional and left the pie mouth. After completely stabilizing the black hole, he ignored the pure yin and sat down directly on the ground. If people meditate.
"Fu Wang?"
The masters of the right schools have turned their attention to pure yin in succession.
"Don’t care about him, you must continue to maintain the entrance!"
With Xu and the "Dead Astrolabe", it is already necessary for everyone to work together to maintain the stability of this black hole. However, for the sake of caution, Pure Yin is still afraid to be careless
After all, who knows what kind of things he will do?
The Liu Fei and others, Ann, dare not give this entrance control to professional and.
They also seem to be worried about Bai Chunyin. Besides Huang Tianwang, other factions in this group of people also have core brothers, and they can’t be careless at this time.