"What’s the matter? What are you doing? I went to see NiJun "Le Xuewei made a mistake and didn’t know it.

Han Chengyi endured anger, frowned and growled, "Don’t go!"
"Huh?" LeXueWei don’t understand "what’s the matter? Ni Jun is injured. He is your best brother. He was shot twice. Aren’t you worried about him? "
Han Chengyi clenched his knuckles tightly, and it was silly to loosen the light snow tightly. Don’t you think Bai Nijun at this time? She can be generous to Zhao Zitong, but he can’t be generous to Ni Jun!
"He is to save me? He is in your way … "Han Chengyi stopped in a sudden sound.
"…" Le Xuewei suddenly got stuck in a panic. Han Chengyi didn’t finish her words, but she already heard them … He knew? "When did you … know?"
This surprised Han Chengyi and made her look even more anxious. She hung over Le Xuewei and pressed her, "When did you know this?"
Xiaoxue already knows? Know but still so … Close to Ni Jun? Han Chengyi feels a kind of crisis. Xiaoxue has always been quite sober-minded to her suitors, and she is very decisive when she perceives each other’s intentions. But what is special to Ni Jun?
This special makes him feel very uneasy.
"I …" Le Xuewei lowered her eyelids and said, "I just know, but … I don’t really believe it."
No matter how much anger Han Chengyi has, he has suppressed it. Yeah, how can a simple-minded person like Xiaoxue have the heart to blame her? Gently hold her hand and whisper, "Don’t worry about Ni Jun, can I let my brother have something?"
Because of these accidents, the atmosphere froze, and both of them were uncomfortable and leaned together in silence.
Arrived at Shengci overnight.
Zhao Zitong and Ni Jun were both injured and rushed to the operating room. Neither Han Chengyi nor Le Xuewei could leave at this time and have been waiting in the VIP room.
Although Ni Jun was shot twice, he simply didn’t hurt the vital situation. It was not serious. After the warhead was taken out, he was sent back to the ward. Le Xuewei’s first reaction was to go to the ward to see Ni Jun, but to see Han Chengyi’s tight frown and forbearance.
I believe that Ni Jun will be fine, and doctors and nurses will take care of him.
However, Zhao Zitong’s leg injury is more serious, but there is nothing about Liang Siwen’s gun to warn and deter Han Chengyi. The problem lies in Liang Jiawen’s gun.
It’s in the position of the spine … This place is dense with nerves. If you are not careful, the consequences will be very serious 2.
When the doctor entered the operating room, he told Han Chengyi the details and possible accidents … The most serious consequence is that Zhao Zitong will be paralyzed because of nerve damage! Because of this possibility, Le Xuewei and Han Chengyi are nervous.
This consequence is definitely not what they want.
Le Xuewei is full of worries and guilt, while Han Chengyi is more worried that his wife says that he is cold-blooded or cruel. Now he is afraid that if Zhao Zitong really paralyzes Xiaoxue, he doesn’t know what will come out to make him hard to accept the idea.
Han Chengyi, who has been in love with her for so many years, knows his wife well enough.
Zhao Zitong’s operation lasted for nearly ten hours. When she was pushed out of the operating room, Le Xuewei rushed to her for the first time. She had not slept for a day and a night … If something happened to Zhao Zitong, she didn’t know what would happen to her.
"How about Doctor Miss Zhao?"
"Doctor, how is my daughter?" Director Zhao also stayed all night. He can’t pray for his daughter to be okay now with Han Chengyi.
The doctor looked at Han Chengyi and sighed, "Miss Zhao … ejection is not the place. We tried our best to be very careful, but the bullet had already hurt the nerve when it penetrated …"
"Ah …" LeXueWei legs a soft fall on Han Chengyi arms.
"Xiaoxue!" Han Chengyi was annoyed and frowned, and what he was most worried about happened.
Zhao, director of the red eyes cried shouted "by what? You make it clear! What happened to my daughter? "
"Director Zhao, please calm down. Miss Zhao … I’m afraid she won’t be conscious from the waist …"
"What? What did you say?/Sorry? No way! How is that possible? My daughter, she is still so young … "
Le Xuewei was completely stupid. Director Zhao yelled at the doctor. She wouldn’t listen to a word. She looked up at Han Chengyi’s eyes and was desperate. "Chengyi Zhao Zitong … what should I do? What to do! "
What should I do? Because she killed Gu Zhao Zitong!
Chapter 441 Two extremes
Le Xuewei couldn’t stand the news because she didn’t have a rest for too long.
Han Chengyi love dearly directly picked her up and commanded Hao to cherish the sound "cherish the sound of a ward"
"It’s three little"
Le Xuewei leaned against Han Chengyi’s arms and closed her eyes. He carried her into the room and put her on the bed. Han Chengyi bowed her head and kissed her. "Don’t think about anything for a while. There is always a way to solve it."
"Chengyi" Le Xuewei took Han Chengyi and shook his head. "My head hurts and I can’t sleep."
"Ah …" Han Chengyi let out a long sigh. "Then why don’t you lie down for a while and let the doctor give you an injection without rest? How long has it been since you slept? "
Headache like a crack LeXueWei obedient nodded "good".
Han Chengyi rubbed her head and got up to find a doctor to give Le Xuewei an injection. She fell asleep in the medicine Le Xuewei. Looking at her eyelids with a thick black shadow, Han Chengyi lovingly reached out and gently brushed her mumbling, "Silly girl won’t think about it for herself? Say you’re stupid. You’re really stupid as you grow up. "
Le Xuewei woke up the next afternoon, and it was quiet in the room. Han Chengyi was not in Han Chengyi’s room before he left, so that she could have a good rest. He would come later when he was busy.
Le Xuewei tidied up and went to see Ni Jun first.
Ni Jun was lying prone on the bed because of his back injury. She saw Le Xuewei come in and hurriedly remembered it, which affected the wound "Er … Xuewei"
Le Xuewei’s lips are flat and her eyebrows are tight. "Don’t move. I’ll come to see you. If you do this … I might as well not come."
Ni Jun saw that she was in a bad mood and the horse didn’t dare to move. Although he was lying here, he also heard about Zhao Zitong. He probably guessed that she was in a mood now and moved her mouth awkwardly. "Xue Wei, don’t think about it. No matter what happens, give it to San Shao and listen to him!"
Le Xuewei’s noncommittal expression has always been dignified. She understands the truth, but it is another matter to do it.
"What about you? Does the wound still hurt? " Le Xuewei avoided this topic.
Ni Jun shook his head. "I don’t care about minor injuries."
He was shot twice, but he still said it was a minor injury. Le Xuewei looked at Ni Jun with a complicated look. He remembered that he had been good to himself these days and wondered how to say something to him. "Ni Jun, I … I always regarded you as a good friend or more like a family … Are you white?"
"…" NiJun zheng realized that she meant a red face and bowed his head.
Chevy knows all about it? In the end, he still couldn’t fool everyone. Ni Jun suddenly got nervous and nodded. "It’s me … I know I’m right and sorry."
"Don’t say you’re sorry. You’re not sorry for me." Le Xuewei frowned and shook her head. Think about what Ni Jun’s life and experience she can understand. He will always have that meaning to her … Ni Jun is too lonely. It must be very hard for Ni Jun, right? His loyalty to Chengyi and his character
"You have a good rest." Le Xuewei felt bad in her heart. After she left Nijun ward, she did not say anything.
After watching Ni Junle Xuewei, she felt heavier and moved to another direction … She had to go and see Zhao Zitong.
Not quite as expected. Zhao Zitong was awake and didn’t enter the intensive care unit. When Le Xuewei pushed the door and went in, the nurse was feeding her water.
Zhao Zitong heard the noise and hurriedly dialed the nurse "Brother Cheng Yi, is that you?"
Le Xuewei walked into the room, and both of them looked at each other awkwardly. Le Xuewei felt that she really shouldn’t have come to Zhao Zitong, and she didn’t need to visit.
Zhao Zitong’s face immediately collapsed and he made no secret of his disappointment and blurted out, "How are you? Where’s Brother Cheng Yi? What didn’t he come? "
"He …" Le Xuewei slightly parted her lips and didn’t know how to explain it.