"Well, you can sell your house and raise a million dollars. I can also sell the villa to you, but one thing is that we will be a family after you take Zhao Ganlong as your eldest brother, but what do you think after your site is decided by Brother Long?"

Brother Qiang hasn’t turned this corner yet. Lin Cheng’s words made him a little confused. Did he mean to spare himself? Be Zhao Ganlong’s younger brother? Who is Zhao Ganlong?
But even if Brother Qiang doesn’t understand, Brother Qiang understands one thing at least, that is, he is bold and Lin Cheng didn’t intend to kill himself today.
If you stay in the green hills, you will not be afraid of burning firewood, but you will escape your life, then everything will disappear.
"Good brother Cheng, I agree to listen to you."
Lin Cheng got up and patted Brother Qiang on the shoulder. "Ok, then you can quickly deal with the real estate and change the villa to live. Hahahaha."
Lin Cheng laughed and pulled Zhao Ganlong over. "Gan Long just now I told Brother Qiang that after Brother Qiang, you will be your younger brother. You are going to be brothers, that is, a generation of brothers should help each other. If he has difficulties, he will spare no effort to help. Of course, if he turns his back on today, I will naturally clean the door. But if you don’t do anything righteous, don’t blame me for helping me or not, I will clean the door as well." Here Lin Cheng suddenly raised his pitch. "Do you hear?"
"Heard the eldest brother" strong elder brother and Zhao Ganlong two different mouth shouted.
"Well, just let it be. Brother Qiang, please raise the money and give it to Ganlong as soon as possible, so that he can send it to eldest sister-in-law."
"I ask again, are you sure you want to quit your job and come to Somalia with me?" Lin Cheng and Shen Meijun sat on the bus back to her house. Lin Cheng asked Shen Meijun seriously.
Shen Meijun gave Lin Cheng an oblique look. "How many times do you want me to tell you? I already fired my boss this afternoon. Hehe, it’s so good."
Looking at Shen Meijun with a smile, he also wants to laugh, but today he always feels that something is wrong, but he wants to laugh but can’t, and he has a feeling of holding his breath in his heart.
"Rinrin Bell" Lin Cheng picked up the words and saw that it was Chen Jing dialect.
As soon as the words were connected to Chen Jing’s anxious voice, they came out of the words, "Lin Cheng is not good, my parents have been taken away by a group of people, and Jackie Chan. I was just about to come back to see Jackie Chan today, but when I came back, I saw that my house was in a mess and asked my neighbors to know that my parents had been taken away."
"Don’t worry about catching people and leaving a message?"
"I didn’t hear that twenty or thirty people came with guns."
"Okay, I get it. Don’t worry. I’ll talk to you immediately."
Lin Cheng didn’t even think about it, but he knew that Li Xiao sent someone to do it. Lin Cheng picked up the words and dialed Zhao Ganlong’s words, "Are you still with Brother Qiang?"
"Yes, big brother, what can I do for you?"
"You give him the message."
"Brother Qiang, how did you link the capital Li Jiama to find me the way of Li Jialian? I want to" Lin Cheng said that no one heard Lin Cheng’s words in the noisy bus.
Brother Qiang didn’t dare to neglect Lin Cheng’s words. In his eyes, Lin Cheng’s terminating left a deep impression on him. His horse took out his words and dialed the hair, which is now Deputy Director Zhao Junzhao of Laoshan District Public Security Bureau.
Zhao dare not neglect Ma and report the matter to his old director Huang Dahe Huang, the leading city bureau.
Huang Dahe, of course, has heard of Li Gulai in Beijing, and he is still waiting for the Li family to give himself an official promotion. But then what happened surprised him greatly. The Li family did come, and it was the Li family who led the team and asked Huang Dahe to find someone to lead them. Huang Dahe naturally found Bao Qiang, the information letter.
Huang Dahe is waiting for the Li family to be nice to him at home, and he can also take the opportunity to climb this giant tree. However, what followed made Huang Dahe horrified and inexplicable. Not only was there no hope for promotion, but it was good not to be second guessed.
Shao Jianguo Shao, Minister of the Ministry of Energy of China, came to the island city with the bosses of two oil and petrochemical giants, the mayor, the political and legal Committee, and all three leaders gathered to accompany Shao and two bosses of state-owned enterprises.
This isn’t Huang Dahe. I didn’t expect this Lin Cheng to kill Li Ergong Li Tingfei in front of Shao Minister, and even Shao Minister didn’t blame Shao Minister for meaning. Three prefecture-level city leaders understand that it is very natural and will not blame Lin Chengyou at all.
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It’s so weird that Minister Shao actually doesn’t wear a pair of pants with the Li family. They are all state-level officials. Although the Li family has withdrawn from the power center, the tiger is old and powerful, and the students of the Li family are all over the ruling and opposition. How dare Minister Shao openly oppose the Li family?
Is this weird? Huang Dahe is puzzled, but he can’t consider it at this time because he is a participant in this matter. Although he is the director of the public security bureau, he is not the standing Committee of the municipal party Committee after all, and he has a political and legal Committee record on the director’s face
Maybe it’s not too big to offend a country’s minister. After all, I didn’t directly offend him, but I defied him, but I’m afraid I won’t have any promotion opportunities in my work.
Huang Dahe is a little nervous at home these days. I don’t know what the three giants of the municipal party committee will do with themselves. At this moment, I suddenly received a message from the old department asking him about Li’s family. Naturally, he wants to make the whole thing clear.
After meditation, Huang Dahe decided to change course and lean back to Lin Cheng’s side. Although Li Xiao used to be a high-ranking leader, he was already a retired leader, but Shao Jianguo was an upright national and ministerial leader. Retired leaders can add flowers, but incumbent leaders can decide your job.
Capital Xishan Lijia
"Hello, who are you looking for? I’m Li Zhongchen. "Li Xiao is in a daze. Li Zhongchen’s words rang and he hurried to the corner to answer the words.
"Li Zhongchen? Is Li Xiao there? Let him answer the phone. "
Li Zhongchen’s voice is unusually arrogant. Although everyone knows Li Xiao’s name, no one will call his name directly in front of Li Xiao. Even president will call an "old leader", and those veteran cadres who followed Li Xiao in Xishan Villa will either call Lao Li or Lao Xiao, and these ZD seniors can call "master". It is the first time that Li Zhongchen has heard such a young voice directly calling Li Xiao’s name.
Master has just died. At this time, Li Xiao said nothing, sitting in the lounge chair, Li Zhongchen looked at Li Xiao and walked out again. He pressed his anger in his heart and finally pressed the bass and asked, "Who are you?" What do you want with our master? "