Experts listened to the look slightly changed "do a detailed inspection! Don’t be nervous. If there is a little bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy, it doesn’t mean danger. "

"Well," Hang Ningdai nodded and felt uneasy.
The expert didn’t ask the assistant for help, but all the tests were carried out by her herself. However, the results of the tests were beyond everyone’s expectation.
"How is it?" Hang Ningdai changed her clothes and sat opposite the expert.
Experts with a heavy heart "Korean housewife …"
"…" Hang Ningdai’s heart thumped. "Why aren’t you pregnant?"
The expert shook his head. "It’s really pregnant."
"That …" Hang Ning Dai Xiumei twisted into a piece. "What’s the problem? Threatened abortion? "
"No," the expert shook his head. It’s really hard for her to say. If it’s a threatened abortion, then she can still save it, but now the situation …
Hang Ningdai put her hands on her knees and tightened them unconsciously. "What the hell is …?"
Experts consider for a moment also know that this matter can’t hide "wealthy family is … ectopic pregnancy".
"…" Hang Ningdai’s mind buzzed.
Small glass beside also follow panic! She imagined that things might be bad, but … ectopic pregnancy? How come… It is better not to be pregnant!
The expert sighed, "The housewife’s tubal stenosis and obstruction … is really improving after treatment, but it is still lacking compared with normal people. The so-called ectopic pregnancy is that the fertilized egg is combined in the tubal position …"
Medical Ningdai doesn’t understand that she is now a god of six gods
"That is to say … have a baby but the baby can’t have it?"
Experts are sorry to see that Ning Dai’s face can’t bear his heart. "Yes …"
She pointed to the report and nodded, "fertilized eggs can’t live and develop in this part."
"That …" Hang Ningdai closed her eyes and her heart was cold and her eyes were black.
Small glass for her to ask "what should I do? Surgery? "
"Yes," the expert nodded. "Surgery as soon as possible or it will do harm to the wealthy family …"
Hang Ningdai suddenly got up and turned and walked out without saying anything.
"Miss Sun!"
Xiaoli hurried out and stretched out her hand to hold her. "Ning Dai?"
Hang Ningdai’s fists clenched and her eyes were red. "How did this happen? How can this be like this! "
"…" Xiao Li doesn’t know how to comfort her. She can watch her cry and vent.
Hang Ningdai came out of the hospital and sat in the car without saying anything. Xiao Li looked at her. "It’s getting late. Let’s spend the night in the imperial city tonight?"
"…" Hang Ningdai leaned against the window and didn’t respond.
"Ah ….." Small glass shook his head and sighed lightly and started the car operation. There are Han Xilang who can solve this matter and Ning Dai’s knot …
Jiangcheng Lijia
I came out of the pastry shop with my bag in my arms.
I didn’t go far and met Li Qiannan’s "big miss"
Li Qiannan disdainfully glanced at the parcel in his hand and sneered at it. "It’s day again? It’s really punctual! "
I don’t know what to say, but it’s the freshest day every time.
Handmade candy has a short shelf life, so you should be more careful.
Looking at the package, Li Qiannan felt a fire in his heart! This fire is going to twist and deform her!
She stretched out her hand "bring it to me"
"Ah?" Is zheng "this … how line?"
LiQianNan eyes a horizontal "why not? Am I not as good as you? "
I shook my head and was puzzled. "I dare not, but this is the order of the city to handle it in person every time, so I won’t bother the big lady."
So cautious?
Li Qiannan looked in the direction of the pastry shop. This is what happened to Li Jiangcheng. How long? Shirley’s family is finished with him … Where is she, Miss Shirley’s family? Others will regard her as the owner of the Li family?
It is foolish not to cause unnecessary trouble and confront Li Jiangcheng head-on.
LiQianNan let a smile "then let’s go! I’m not idle. "
"Uh-huh" belongs to a hurry to leave with the parcel.