Shancong blushed and got up, saying that my brother Gao Yi didn’t shy away today. Seeing that my brother was talking about chaos, I didn’t want to be my brother. I also said that I should go in and say that my brother should stop talking about things quickly.

Xiuqing was sent home with a good life and no fun, but she couldn’t give up. It was the central media that went to Zhang’s home to ask for relatives and friends, and Zhang Erge and his wife were also happy to accept Shancong’s intention and refused to talk about it. If you cooperate with private affairs today, once Fu Dong persuaded her, she wouldn’t make people laugh. Xiu Qing Li insisted on marrying Shancong’s wife and pestering him to run around every day, which made Shancong anxious.
Seven years of brotherly hospitality, today’s reunion is new.
I want to show my innocence in the past, so I am willing to give up my marriage.
Tian San’s mouth is extremely interested. The scholar has scolded all over the square. He still stuttered all over the square. The matchmaker talked all over the square. Why did the matchmaker talk all over the square? The owner walked west, walked two feet, and often roared and led three to four to discuss and walked into people’s homes. He was not afraid of dogs. Every family in a back street met with friends. First, he used to report his smile to the news without knocking.
Talking also means making a long story short and relaxing. A hundred families know that they used to stay overnight to cheat tea and eat wine. If they are three inches thick-skinned, they will still envy him for saying that they are mixed with dry saliva and foam for seven fights.
That Huang Shancong disguised as a man and made up the wonders of the ages, and she was virtuous and rare in the world. These media said it again, and in a hundred minutes, all the people in Beijing knew that everyone praised the beauty, although it was rare for the gentry to talk about it.
Li Gong, the garrison eunuch, didn’t believe it, but he called Xiu Qing Li to cross-examine it. One by one, it was in line with asking Xiuqing that there were as many beautiful women as there were in the day, and the seven-year contract of love would not be abandoned. This woman was not willing to let Li Gong have pity, but Tibetan Xiuqing called the former media in the yamen the next day to pay for it. I heard that Huang’s female chastity was respectable, and my nephew wanted to ask him for his wife. You said that synthesis would reward him at that time. Who dared to respond to Li Gong’s marriage without media? After Huang Shancong entered the house and got married and worshipped, the husband and wife met with a funny story. When Li Gong’s trap was caught, Li Gong recognized Xiuqing’s nephew’s great wealth to prepare a dowry for Shan Cong. He also told the Hecheng government that it was a miracle for everyone to see Li Gong’s face with the help of five governments and six prefects. Xiuqing, then the rich couple in Beijing fell in love and even raised two children, read and sang about it.
Seven men’s makeup is not exposed to the needle to keep the cold heart alone.
Write a novel, hang on to the boudoir, wash the sangpu sound.
Another poem, the one-way eunuch Li Gongli’s poem says
Who is like Li Gongxian, a eunuch who is virtuous and kind?
Although there is no wind, there is a fate in the afterlife.
Volume 29 The moon is still full of Liu Cui.
Wan Li’s new grave is full of young people’s practice, so don’t wait for hair spots on the temples
The road ahead is dark and dangerous.
These four poems are all about meditation, meditation and meditation. It’s extraordinary to achieve success. Today, it’s said that Emperor Song Gaozong was in the reign of Shaoxing, and an official surnamed Liu Shuangming preached his ancestral home. People in Chongyang Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou Prefecture were twenty-five years old, and their parents died in five cars. The clan was lonely and lonely, and after the high sentence, the first imperial script was awarded to Ning Navy. Lin ‘an Prefecture prefect respected Gao’s age, and he was born at the age of twenty. Yan Xin’s redundant Liu prefect wanted to go at home for a year and took a servant. One day, I said goodbye to my husband’s mother-in-law, and went to Lin ‘an House for hunger and thirst, and stayed at night. Then I went to Lin ‘an House to pick up the official pavilion fleas, teachers and students, food, aged person, the head of the monk’s road, and other people, such as Gong Bing, who moved their sedan chairs and horses, were there to welcome them into the city and move their luggage and things to the house. It was over that Liu Fu Yin went to the hall to pay homage to all the people, and then I would see the staff, and the bamboo forest in Shuiyue Temple in the south Teacher, therefore, the monk didn’t come to take part in the meeting. When the temples lived, he paid tribute to Xianggong. This monk is an ancient Buddha. He has been practicing in Zhulin Peak for 52 years. Every time he meets his disciples, he looks forward to Xianggong’s convenience. Although Liu Fuyin does not take his heart in anger according to the monk’s words, everyone will leave.
On the same day, the official banquet of the government hall promised to be a prostitute, and the two flowers were charming and melodious. The prefect listened to the big question about the prostitute’s name and answered. The bitch’s surname was Wu Xiaozi and Honglian was single-minded in the hall. As long as the wine banquet was held on the day, the prefect called Wu Honglian to pay you a low fee to go to Shuiyue Temple to coax the jade to pass the sex.
When it’s over, you will be rewarded here. If you don’t do it, you will be punished. Red-violet replied that it was a good idea to lead the "xianggong" and the government to think all the way. It’s a good frown and a heart to come home. Tell Liu Fuyin about everything, and we will discuss it for one night.
At noon the next day, it was rainy and rainy, and it was the end of the winter in December. Wu Honglian walked several miles near the gate. It was already a storm when she applied for the license. Wu Honglian went to the gate of Shuiyue Temple and stood in the temple. People waited until the evening to see an old man coming to the gate and saying, "Wan Fu Na". The old man replied, "It’s getting late. I want the red-violet at the gate to shed tears." I hope my father-in-law will kindly tell the elders and concubines that fleas enter the city overnight and tigers are injured. Two tears fell on the mountain gate and refused to walk. The old man said that he would remind me. When you cut it off, Honglian stood up when he said this.
The old man led red-violet to the side of the monk’s room. The first hut was the old man’s bedroom. He taught red-violet to sit in the room. The old man hurriedly walked to the temple. The throne of the old man replied to the old man’s way. A young woman at the gate of the mountain said that her husband had died today. When the storm was heavy, the city gate had to rest fleas in the temple to enter the city. I came to tell the old man that it was convenient. You can teach him to spend the night in your room. On the fifth watch, he sent him to the Taoist that red-violet knew.
Red-violet thanked her father-in-law for saving his life, and did not forget his great words in life and death. Sitting on the bench in the old man’s room, the old man went to pick up the door and closed it. He came to the room to sleep in a couch and slept. The old man slept after a hard sleep.
Laishuiyue Temple is on the four sides of the mulberry garden, and two young people in the temple have gone to alms. Therefore, people in the temple walk calmly. This red-violet has heard more drums. It’s already the second watch, and her heart is in a mess. So she moves lightly to the side of the elder’s room. The Zen room is closed by a big window. The elder is sitting in a Zen chair, and she also sees red-violet looking at the elder outside the door. Then she cries out to the elder, saying, "Be merciful, read the salvation." My body is an elder. You can go to the Taoist room Red-violet deeply worshipped the elder outside the window for mercy and convenience. My clothes were thin and the night was cold. I hoped that the elder could borrow one or two clothes to cover her body and save her life. When she thanked her, she choked and sobbed. This elder was a kind-hearted man. She thought to herself that if the cold died at the door of my meditation room, it would be better to save a life by an ancient road than to build a seven-level pagoda. From the meditation bed came the door, and let Red-violet go in. The elder took a worn-out Zen dress and sat him down in the meditation bed.
Red-violet walked to the bed of Zen and worshipped deeply for more than a dozen times, crying and crying, saying that the belly hurts to death. The elder didn’t take his eyes off and sat down. How can red-violet sob and grieve? She will lean against the elder and cry and cry and cry, and then she will fall asleep in the elder’s body or sit beside her or stand up and cry. The elder can’t help but ask Red-violet, saying that you care about crying, Red-violet told the elder that the belly hurts. My husband is sick this day. My husband will undress my wife and put her hot belly on my cold belly, so it I will die. Why can the elder be willing to save my life and stick my hot belly on my body? But if I can save my life, I will be healed. When the elder saw that he could not get rid of his clothes, he held the red-violet in his arms. When he was pregnant with this red-violet and earned the consent of the elder, he hurriedly took off his clothes and fell down in his arms. He put a small coat on his hot belly to save my life. At first, the elder refused to stick it on my life. After three times and five times, the red-violet pointed jade hand untied his skirt. At this time, the elder could not help but Zen. The Zen bed was in contact with the elder, who hugged Red-violet and asked where Niang Gao’s name lived. Because Red-violet said that she didn’t dare to hide my concubine’s name was Wu Xiaozi, the head of the hall. Red-violet lived in Xinqiao, in the middle and south of the city. I wish the elder was pestered by evil influence at this time, but you know I can’t let it out to outsiders. Red-violet smeared the elder’s white shirt and sleeve, and the elder was sleepy and I don’t know.
Elder, although the doubt in this heart is to ask Red-violet, saying that elder sister will come here, you can tell the truth that you have repeatedly forced to ask White-violet to be urged by the elder, but you have to tell the truth that Lin ‘an government’s Xinliu government blames the elder for not welcoming him in the temple, so my concubine came to the elder to have sex with him, and the elder was shocked and remorseless. When I arrived in evil influence, I was cheated by you, and I broke my lust, caution and fell into hell. At this time, the East was white and the elder taught the Taoist priest to leave the temple gate, and Red-
But this Yutong Zen master taught the old man to cook soup. I want to wash the old man to cook soup. The old man grinds the ink and twists the pen, so he writes a eulogy about his death, saying that entering the Zen gate has hindered the 52-year-old heart.
I committed lewd lust, caution because of a little thought difference.
You red-violet broke my promise. I owe red-violet a debt for one night.
I owe my virtue to you, and I owe it to your family.
After writing, put it on the incense burner and press the Taoist priest to put the soup into the room and wait for the elder to take a bath. He changed into a new Zen dress. Tell the Taoist priest to pay the way. When Liu Fu Yin of Lin’ an House sent someone to me, you can put the incense burner and teach him to reply. The Taoist priest went to the temple to burn incense and sweep the floor. I didn’t know that Master Yutong had died in the Zen chair.