Maybe this orc’s great strength and this copper hammer can do me a favor.

Rick dark I feel way
Chapter 30 Six verticals
The golden gong sounded three times and Rick was still as calm as before, but the pupil of the orc’s night feather suddenly shrank to the size of a needle tip and killed the human being.
The idea excited his whole blood to boil, and his breathing became heavier and heavier, brewing his strength, and he was ready to start.
Slowly go around and approach the night feather step by step, instead of coming like an orc, it is rushing and rushing to attack, but looking for opportunities in waiting to confuse the opponent.
Rick doesn’t move a step. His eyes turn gently with the footsteps of Night Feather, and he adjusts his body angle from time to time to cope with Night Feather’s attack at any time.
This is an unusual orc. He must be treated with caution. He doesn’t want to be injured or killed by his opponent before assassination.
After a long night, Yu didn’t find the opportunity, but he finally took the initiative to attack.
The bronze hammer is raised and relied on, but it is based on strength. The skill is exquisite. The top of the bronze hammer is 30 cm long and the bottom of the handle is also a pointed cone of the same length.
Stab, pick, hang and stroke the night feather, and treat a copper hammer as a short spear with double tips. It seems that the huge hammer is a decoration, and the sharp cone at the head and tail is the real attack weapon.
A set of exquisite spear methods will turn a large hammer into a small short spear in the future, which will really open Rick’s eyes.
Rick was amazed at the genius of Shi Tongwu. He was simply amazed at the fact that the lion emperor trained the gladiator with amazing strength, and he had a unique understanding of fighting. This was a gift from God.
The knife in your hand is dancing, and every time you block it, the strength from the knife is very heavy. God knows how hard and soft it is to play a spear with a ten-catty copper hammer.
The figure is dancing, Rick wears a Hua Hudie and goes back and forth in the fighting field, slowly and gradually approaching the fixed route.
He tried his best to hold his breath and prepare to put all his eggs in one basket.
It’s going to be a life-and-death battle, and Rick is ready to jump.
At night, Feather forced Rick to retreat from the north stand. Night Feather laughed coldly and recognized that the strategy was proper and successfully pushed Rick into a dead corner, waiting for him to be the real attack.
Yelling all night, feather finally stopped spearing but slammed forward.
Soulyk actually pulled up more than four meters high and escaped this attack, which also caused a burst of exclamation in the stands. They never imagined that human beings also had the jumping ability of demon race.
Night feather leng a thinking a human can jump so high?
However, this did not cause him much panic. He still lowered himself from the big copper hammer and waited for Rick to fall and give him another fatal blow.
Lei Keran fell, he boldly measured the night feather, and he would raise a hammer to meet him before he fell, and then his thunder attack would be launched.
Looking down at the ground rapidly, Night Feather Lake silently does the calculation.
One and a half meters, thirty centimeters and twenty minutes.
Looking at the falling Rick night feather mouth dew how many ferocious smile, hands coagulation force suddenly a binge drinking to try to hammer.
A thunderbolt with a terrible force and a heavy sledgehammer will make this blow go straight for the world.
The fierce wind almost suffocated people in the middle of Lake, which shows that this hammer is wild and powerful, and it is inevitable that it will be a bloody scene. Night Feather seems to have seen this scene happen, which is what he expected.
This hammer force made Rick not surprised, but his legs slightly retracted. Just as the sledgehammer was about to approach the moment, his feet slammed and kicked hard at the front of the sledgehammer plane. With the sledgehammer’s strong strength, Rick suddenly made a sudden effort to drill obliquely like an angry eagle. He jumped 15 meters and instantly passed over the pedestal in the front row, watching the beasts and demons pass over the guards and flew over several rows of seats in the direction of the four lich kings.
Night feather lifted up her face and looked at Rick with stunned eyes. She was at a loss to kill Rick, but it was once close at hand, but now it is the end of the world.
Rick drew a heart-pounding arc, and it was like a miracle that he flew over the head of a group of beasts and monsters.
In addition to Mulin, including the lion emperor in the body, the demon race was temporarily short-circuited and their minds were blank.
This human can fly.
This is their first thought.
What he wants
Clear-headed monsters are already having second thoughts.
It’s just that the two thoughts have just turned, and Rick has flown for as long as 20 meters, and the potential has fallen to the ground.
It’s less than 30 rows away from the throne of the lion king Salem. Rick must approach and attack in 30 seconds, otherwise he won’t have any chance in the face of the vast demon group like the ocean.
Without stopping, as soon as he landed, he was lifted again. In the past five years, inhuman training has made his jumping explosive power reach the terrible limit of 10 meters. After five vertical falls, he approached the four great demons of the high platform for nearly 30 rows. After several vertical rows, he will be closer to the lion emperor Salem, and then the earth-shattering lore will be exhibited.
When the fifth fall, the beasts and demons had come to their senses and clearly realized what he was going to do. Suddenly the stands were in chaos.
However, sitting here is full of monsters, princes and nobles, who are arrogant and extravagant, and their peaceful life has made them forget that facing the sudden assassination of the real enemy has terrified them. They suddenly forgot that they are still a noble demon family and that they can resist.
In the emergency grandstand, there was chaos. The demon tribes were afraid of a man who was afraid of human beings. They were scattered in panic and tired of running for their lives. They crowded with each other. They trampled on heavy feet and trampled several similar ones. They also stopped the guards who came to the rescue. The chaotic demon group dispersed the guard team. Except for a few high-powered captains and demon kings, no guard could squeeze in to block Rick.