Enemies are particularly jealous when they meet!

Liu Fei will kill Zhang Haotian at all costs because of Huang Tianwang’s death. Didn’t Zhang Haotian hold the same heart of killing?
The two men instantly confronted each other. At this time, if Lu Fei is crazy, once the battle starts, there will be no rules! I’m good at some things that I almost gave up the emperor’s seal and never used it, nor did I use it, nor did I even use the sword!
It’s just like fighting a street thug. You don’t talk about the slightest skill! It’s hand-to-hand combat
Still raging in the sky directly makes Lu Fei manifest the magic arhat method, otherwise Lu Fei’s play at this time is really dangerous!
"Hey hey … you’re dead!"
Seeing that Liu Fei lost his mind because of anger, Zhang Haotian immediately sneered! If Yishang still has a trace of fear for Lu Fei, then even that only trace of fear has completely disappeared at this moment!
According to Lu Fei’s play at this time, it is simply a death!
Sure enough, as soon as the battle started, it showed a one-sided situation!
Single than repair Liu Fei original than Zhang Haotian at this time and abandoned the avatar lighter and many other advantages nature is not holding a magic sword Zhang Haotian opponent!
Almost instantly by Zhang Haotian made absolute wind! The magic sword in his hand kept waving and soon left several horrible wounds on Liu Fei!
However, it is quite nerve-racking, but Lu Fei turned out to be completely reckless! Still adopt a fierce and fearless style of play as if it were like holding him for mutual destruction!
This way of playing is very dangerous, but the effect is also very obvious. That is, Zhang Haotian has achieved absolute wind, but he can finally leave wounds on Lu Fei, but he can’t completely kill him!
Moreover, the superhuman powers and six armed demons method is really amazing! Even in the case of motionless avatar lighter, its power is as strong as that of general Du Jie masters!
What makes Zhang Haotian lose even more is that Lu Fei’s attack seems to have no skill at all, but as time goes on, he actually gets better and better! Gradually, his decline was pulled back a little bit!
"Bastard! This guy has a rare talent. Is it really that scary? Maybe he can still create his own magical power? "
See Liu Fei moves more mysterious Zhang Haotian heart also could not help secretly anxious "no! We can’t go like this anymore! If I go like this again, I will feed him! "
Zhang Haotian was afraid to miss this excellent opportunity to kill Liu Fei, and he was more worried that he would become Liu Fei instead of killing Liu Fei in the end. If Liu Fei wanted to create a magical power himself, it would be …
"Jiuyou purgatory!"
Thought of here Zhang Haotian finally don’t hesitate hands suddenly spread out a violent Yin ShaQi instantly!
[434] Create your own magical powers!
? "Jiuyou purgatory!"
Zhang Haotian the words sound just fell and saw it spread out evenly around his hands, which turned out to be a huge whirlpool after another!
Thick evil breath came head-on and whirled rapidly, eventually turning into nine black holes! It’s as if Unicom is connected with nine deep and remote hell.
Once the black hole is formed, it suddenly erupts into an unparalleled devouring force, and the essence of the magic is constantly pouring out from all directions, and the vitality of heaven and earth is suddenly as crazy as the tide, and it is swallowed up by it!
Dozens of mountains around a loud noise suddenly split, and a black dragon formed by pure energy sprang up! Even the underground veins of Longhushan Mountain were swallowed up by it!
The gathering of heaven and earth is suspected to make the black hole grow further, and the diameter has soared from several meters to several miles in an instant! Terrible energy fluctuations, the center of Zhang Haotian is surging in all directions! The mighty power fluctuation instantly crushed the sky and went straight to Liu Fei!
There is no doubt that nine black holes have swallowed up the poor forces. Even if it is better than Lu Fei, once it is swallowed up, I am afraid there will be life and death!
It was not until then that Liu Fei woke up instantly!
At this moment, he really felt the death threat, and all kinds of magical powers and practices were involuntarily running wildly!
Without the slightest hesitation, Lu Fei quickly printed a series of "cover prints" in his hands and was instantly hit by him! Pieces of bloody land are constantly ups and downs, and they are blocked by nine black holes.
"Hey hey … no! You will die today! "
The suspicion of nine black purgatory is to make Zhang Haotian’s heart decide that nine Yin purgatory devours everything, saying that the cultivation is so extreme that even heaven and earth can devour just a "cover seal".
Lu Fei’s face is grinning wildly. The fact is not only that Zhang Haotian thinks so, but even Lu Fei feels that it is really hard to resist the nine purgatory in front of him just by covering the land!
So at the same time, Lu Fei suddenly took a step! But it is not a "dragon step"! This is a common step, just like walking around the court.
At this moment, Lu Fei seems to have forgotten all the magical powers and techniques, as well as the pre-Qin martial arts! Just now, madness not only brought him scars, but also plunged him into a very wonderful military situation!
Lu Fei walked forward in no hurry or delay, stepping on different land with every foot, but it made a perfect sound.
Seeing this scene and a half, Zhang Haotian was not frightened to disgrace.
At this moment, he felt that Lu Fei’s footsteps seemed to contain a mystery of heaven and earth! At this moment, Lu Fei seems to be truly integrated with the world, and the road is completely integrated into the surrounding environment!
The "Tata" issued by its feet seems plain, but in fact it reveals that it is difficult to predict how to resist the power of heaven and earth! At this moment, it seems that Lu Fei is not fighting alone, but is helping him in a harmonious way!
If Xu He were here, he would be stunned! Because Lu Fei’s ability at this time has the same effect as his mastery of "inverse chaos"!