Jane cleared her throat, coughed twice and hung her throat for a concert.

"People’s early nature is similar, and if they learn from each other, they will never teach, but they will move to teach you. In the past, Meng Mu did not learn how to choose a neighbor …"
It’s interesting that the widow nodded with a smile in her eyes and became more and more gentle. I can’t be ambiguous. I’m not afraid of drowning the one who is hanging his voice
After Yan Song Xing, I stopped thinking about it. Although the widow is here, it is too risky to read it. It is hard to make the widow suspicious and dedicate herself to the court as auspicious.
"… I taught the only one who was diligent and meritorious, who was good at playing, good at warning, and good at struggling."
After finishing the work, Jane swallowed up and slowly sat down with a picture of Zhuang Yan’s treasure, which once became a Buddha and a saint.
"That’s great! That’s great!"
Widow clapping praise is also a woman who knows goods. If Su Yuting hears it, her first thought is whether she can sell money or not.
"Officer, read it again. I’ll record it!"
The excited officials have called out. What else can’t she do? However, Jane’s lack of words directly deprives Jane of writing.
This work is not tiring. Did Jane read it again?
Yang Yi wrote very carefully, and then dried the ink for Jane to review.
Beautiful handwriting, a romantic posture, and a sudden burst into tears. Compared with the widow, she is really illiterate!
I didn’t say that the widow was serious about her work. Yes, I returned it. The widow read it again, and the copied paper was carefully rolled up and applauded.
"How long is the streamer head?"
The widow woke up and called herself awake, and the officer became a streamer
"Want to hear the truth or lie?"
Jane leaned in mysteriously, hey hey, smiling.
"This is strange. Naturally, I want to hear the truth!" Yang Yi slapped him in the hand.
"The truth is that my head is long in my neck! Ha ha ha! "
After a few laughs, no one joined in. The widow became angry from embarrassment and stared at him. "I just want to enliven the atmosphere!"
After a day’s stay, the widow finally discussed many matters and waited for work.
Send the widow out and bring her charming white eyes back, by the way. Two ya will float in and feel wronged, bend your heels, feet and hands and follow Jane.
"Why? Sanhuan lent you money and didn’t intend to pay it back? "
Two ya out shook his head and sipped his mouth.
"Blame me me for peeking at the bath yesterday?"
"Puffy!" Er ya didn’t hold back her serious expression and suddenly vanished. This girl is still not deep and simple!
"If you don’t talk, the French will serve you!"
Jane said that she was going to slap Er Ya’s ass.
Two ya busy hands over finally wronged flexor said a words.
"Widow … Widows call you an official!"
This girl is hiding in the corner and eavesdropping again. No wonder this expression seems that home is really not the best place to cheat. Consider going to the widow’s house again.
"Well, she is going to call me a big officer, but in fact, I’m not too old to be afraid of calling me old, so it’s also quite good to change my official position temporarily! Look young and energetic! "
It’s a mess, far-fetched, nonsense and nonsense.
"My body is not jealous or … I’m afraid that I’ll forget that my widow is beautiful and talented and has a good family …"
It turned out that Er Ya was relieved to worry about this Jane.
"Rest assured at ease somehow you are JianJiaZhuang native girl with me for so long the third ring road don’t worry about what are you worried about? Native is the best green, you know! Don’t say that you are the Third Ring Road and your wife. I can’t bear to part with any of them, baby. Can you give up everything that glows when the lights are turned off at night? "
"The night beads only shine!"
Two ya smile happily through tears where there is no sorrow?
"My second son is my night pearl. Be careful!"
This time, I was very satisfied with Er Ya’s satisfaction and nodded, then blushed and said, "Madam and Sanhuantian are coming back!"
"Sleep here tonight! Just don’t move! "