When the Saint sent a messenger, everyone went to a poor mountain village, but no one wanted to suffer this crime. He was unlucky enough to show his hand. I knew it was not bad luck, but luck. When I knew that it was sent to Zhao Erhu’s house by the Saint, everyone would regret it. The candidate has been decided.

Father-in-law Cui’s identity is unusual. Zhao Erhu personally sent the people to the prepared guest room, and all the sergeants and waiters came together to arrange it in person. It was very appropriate to prepare before Garin’s month. Everyone felt that it was not more thoughtful and appropriate. Some people who didn’t know it were ready to suffer when they came to the countryside. Now look at this house and everything in the house. What is not to wait until dinner? The food is more delicious than the royal chef’s cooking. There is no one who doesn’t enjoy the good wine. If it is like this every day, they all want to stay here for a long time
Most of the goods that the emperor sent comprador were ready-made, and Lin Yue personally took people to make them. Because of the large quantity and the rush, it took three days to make them early and late. This made people inform Father Cui to let the comprador collect some things and it was almost time for everyone to return to Beijing.
Zhao Erhu is going to Beijing with Cui’s father-in-law and his party. Zhao Erhu also asked Lin Yue if the capital would like to leave Kannika nimtragol at home alone. Lin Yue thought that at the beginning, the emperor’s attitude in the palace was really ambiguous. Although she didn’t recognize that she had such great charm, maybe the emperor saw who she remembered. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, she has married Zhao Erhu and returned to Zhaojiacun. These are all with her, but be careful. It’s better for her to stay at home. Besides, Hou Shixin in Zhenbei revealed that the emperor intends to go to sea early and the
"I won’t go, just remember what I said. Anyway, it won’t be long before you come back. Are you going to see the emperor? I don’t have to go back and forth, or are you staring at home to make everyone hurry up to catch up on the goods?" Lin Yue said and took out a written letter from the room table and gave it to Zhao Erhu
"In this letter, I am asking the princess to help me get a master who knows how to burn colored glasses in the government, but the princess and I haven’t known each other for too long, although she is still close to me, and she may not help me. If the princess doesn’t promise you, I will go to Brother Jiang and ask him if there is any way. I urgently need such a talent."
Zhao Erhu carefully put away the letter. He said earlier that it was a whim for his daughter-in-law to burn glass. Now it seems that he really intends to do it, and the letter to Princess Yongle is ready. It can be seen that he has already planned it, but he won’t stop the daughter-in-law from doing something. "Daughter-in-law, don’t worry, I will give the letter to the princess. If Princess Yongle and Dr. Jiang can’t do it by then, I will try my best to do it for you."
Lin Yue listened to Zhao Erhu and was afraid that he would do something risky. "Just try your best, don’t force it. This is also my temporary interest. I want to try to play. No, forget it. You can’t do anything risky. It’s not worth putting yourself in. Our family is now living well. It’s more important than anything else."
"Don’t worry, daughter-in-law, I know the weight. You don’t have to worry about me, but you must take care of yourself at home. Don’t be like this again. You know I came back full of happiness. If I saw you pale and lying in bed, I was scared to death. I was afraid that something would happen to you. What’s the point of doing all this, especially after listening to Mammy Xu say that you suffered from all kinds of heartache, just like taking a blunt knife and cutting it in my heart to hate that you didn’t come back earlier. Maybe this wouldn’t happen! Daughter-in-law, you must promise me to stay at home well, or you can go to Beijing with me and take you with you so that I can rest assured. 545 Chapter 545
"I won’t go to Beijing. Don’t worry. I will be more careful after the accident. I won’t be careless again. It scared me. Besides, even if you take me with you when you go to Beijing this time, can you take me with you when you go out to sea to Nanyang in the future?"
It’s not that Lin Yue didn’t want to go to Nanyang with Zhao Erhu. It’s a matter of months before the children go out. Besides, her career is still a family property. Many things are uncertain and she has to make decisions. Moreover, if Zhao Erhu successfully brings back the master of glass making in Beijing this time, she still has to devote herself to her glass-making career. Where can she go overseas with Zhao Erhu?
At present, it is not allowed for Suo Yueyue to stay at home temporarily until the children are old and things can be put at home, and then it is not too late to go to Nanyang with Zhao Erhu. Anyway, this business will take a long time to do, and she has a chance. At present, it is more important to take care of her family and her career.
Zhao Erhu was asked by Yue Yue that there was something to say. When he first heard it, Zhao Erhu was not unmoved, but after considering it for a moment, he dismissed the idea. The sea conditions were too hard for Zhao Erhu to bear his daughter-in-law to suffer from that crime, and his wife’s bones were not solid enough. Where can I follow him around like this? Don’t toss your body.
In the past two years, Mammy Xu has nursed his daughter-in-law, and her age is almost the same. Zhao Erhu also plans to let her give birth to a baby for him. When his uncle told him the truth, he thought about it. Although Dalang brothers now listen to his daughter-in-law, her daughter-in-law still has to have her own children to be more dependent and more reassuring. However, she has to raise her daughter-in-law well before the doctor can have a bad baby before she can let her give birth to a doll for him.
Lin Yue didn’t expect Zhao Erhu to think so far away. Although Zhao Erhu spoiled her, it was also a man’s thought in this era. He didn’t talk because he didn’t like his women running around in public.
"Don’t talk about what to do, don’t want to take it with me, even if I have the opportunity." Yue4 took some angry expressions, but she was not really angry. After all, Zhao Erhu had been good enough to her, but she didn’t seize the opportunity to change the old man’s concept. How did she follow her to the sea?
Zhao erhu saw kannika nimtragol bulging cheeks when she was angry, which made her feel so cute. She wanted people to pinch the bulging cheeks, but she refrained from explaining it to kannika nimtragol.
"What’s my daughter-in-law talking about? What I don’t want is that you don’t know how hard the sea conditions are, just like when I went out to sea, it was a little novel at first. After all, I’ve never seen such a scenery. The sky is blue and the sea is blue all around. I think it’s really beautiful, but I don’t feel this way after staying on the boat for a while. I feel bored when I see it, especially when I haven’t landed for several days. It’s not normal to talk and boring. How can I be willing to let my daughter-in-law suffer this kind of
Lin Yue’s eyes turned red. She thought that she could go overseas one day to see what foreign countries were like in ancient times, but she ignored how hard Zhao Erhu had been at sea and felt that she was too incompetent.
"Zhao Erhu went out to sea so hard, why didn’t you ever tell me that when you came back, how did you look black and thin? In fact, our family has had a good time like this. You don’t have to let yourself go out to sea so hard, and there is still danger. Otherwise, we won’t do this job and earn so much silver back." Lin Yue’s words are absolutely serious. She always feels that going out to sea is a risky thing. Whoever makes it clear that the weather will change, but thinking that Zhao Erhu will definitely not agree, she finally can’t help but say it now.
"That’s no good. If you quit, you’ll quit. It’s nothing if I’m a big man. It’s not a good situation. Now even if I promise to find a suitable replacement, I won’t promise to at least find a suitable replacement. Before that, I quit and I don’t want to miss this opportunity!" Zhao Erhu said funny that it was the first time that Kannika nimtragol expressed his wishes so strongly. Of course, he was happy, but this matter has not been so simple until now. The emperor has aimed to let him enter Beijing. Maybe Kannika nimtragol is so clever, maybe it’s not that he doesn’t want to think much.
Lin Yue knows that it is normal for this man to be discouraged by ambition and revenge. Zhao Erhu is actually right to talk. Now he has to stop and can’t come. They can’t refuse the emperor’s request. What a good opportunity it is for Zhao Erhu to do well is fame and fortune.
"Ah, it’s my sex. I love you dearly." Lin Yue is very happy to say such kind words to flatter Zhao Erhu since he wanted to white his heart for Zhao Erhu. Of course, Lin Yue’s words are also true, or he won’t feel it if he tells lies.
Zhao Erhu is emotional. "Daughter-in-law, I am a good daughter-in-law. My luckiest thing about Zhao Erhu is that I have married you, and your life is worth it."
"Well, let’s stop being disgusting and be an old couple. By the way, I gave you that book, and you also brought it. Even if you go to Beijing, you remember to learn something every day. Don’t fish for three days and dry the net for two days. It’s much more convenient to learn these things when you talk to foreigners in foreign countries."
This so-called book was written by Lin Yue himself. Since Zhao Erhu realized that it was difficult to communicate with foreigners in foreign countries, Lin Yue had a brainwave and asked Zhao Erhu to read a few books to her. He found that the pronunciation was not too different from English, so he wrote a book by himself, which contained various Chinese pronunciations of everyday English.
These days, Lin Yue has to urge and teach Zhao Erhu to study before going to bed every day. Now he has learned more than half. Lin Yue didn’t expect Zhao Erhu to have a high talent in language, even if he didn’t have any basic knowledge, he would be able to teach it several times, and he would definitely be a good student if he remembered it. That is, he should be more energetic and work harder to teach Zhao Erhu. I hope Zhao Erhu can learn all the books before going to sea and can do well. Chapter 546
Lin Yue doesn’t hide much in front of Zhao Erhu now. Zhao Erhu seems to have noticed something but never asked her. Instead, she helped her hide and defend her in front of outsiders. Lin Yuelai waited for Zhao Erhu to question, but she didn’t wait until one day she couldn’t help but ask herself, "Zhao Erhu, I’m a peasant daughter in the mountains. You shouldn’t know this. Aren’t you curious where I learned it? Have you never doubted?"
"Silly daughter-in-law doubt? Anyway, you are my daughter-in-law. It doesn’t matter what everyone will do. Everyone has some secrets that can’t be said. If you want to tell me, you will naturally say that you don’t want to say that you are secretly hiding in your heart. I will be satisfied if you don’t leave me! But you should be careful, daughter-in-law. It doesn’t matter in front of me. Never expose it in front of outsiders, or you will cause disaster. I’m afraid that I can’t protect you then. "This is what Zhao Erhu is most worried about, or he won’t work so hard to make a career. He is also worried that he can’t protect his daughter-in-law. This idea has been hidden in his heart and he hasn’t said it. Now Lin Yue says it before he reveals his heart.
Lin Yue looked at Zhao Erhu with eyes ying ying, and her heart was touched. She didn’t expect her to reveal something wrong on weekdays, but it made Zhao Erhu secretly worried that maybe she was not the only one who saw Zhao Erhu, but she had already done a lot of things. Otherwise, why didn’t anyone ask her how these things learned and was ready to explain why? If no one came to ask her or everyone was too slow, it turned out to be Zhao Erhu, who blocked all this.
Lin Yue opened her mouth to tell her life story and strange experience, but hesitated to say it out. She was afraid to say it out. Zhao Erhu couldn’t accept it. At most, it was something that she couldn’t imagine because of her life story. If she knew that she was a lonely ghost attached to this body, she would be scared, so she would alienate herself. Lin Yue didn’t say it. I didn’t know whether she was confident in Zhao Erhu or herself. However, it seemed a little sorry that Zhao Erhu believed and maintained contradictions in her heart. It was also a face of struggle and correction.
Zhao Erhu saw that his daughter-in-law was struggling. Although he didn’t know what Kannika nimtragol was hiding in his heart, he didn’t want Kannika nimtragol to find out. Although he did want to know something, Kannika nimtragol didn’t want to say that even if he did, he would force her to talk about it. Kannika nimtragol is her now and everything else in this life is unimportant.
"Daughter-in-law, it’s not hard for you not to say that even if I don’t want to know, we don’t have to live well. If you don’t leave me, it’s fine. If there is any bad explanation, I will push it to Xianggong. Although I can’t share psychological secrets with you, I can still do it with the suspicion of others, and it’s just that I can learn a lot. Even if I do something, it’s not easy to make people doubt, so that my daughter-in-law will be safe." Zhao Erhu said that she was full of
"Zhao Erhu, it’s not that I don’t believe that you are like this. It’s so strange that it happened to me. I don’t know …" Lin Yue was almost blindfolded by Zhao Erhu.
"Daughter-in-law don’t say don’t want to say let’s not say" Zhao Erhu although want to know also don’t want to daughter-in-law so reluctantly say it.
"Don’t say it now, don’t say it now, and I’ll tell you when I want to straighten it out." Lin Yue leans in Zhao Erhu’s arms and feels warm. There is a man who loves you so much. You believe that you are willing to take care of everything. What’s not enough?
Zhao Erhu heard his daughter-in-law promise that her face was full of tenderness and relief. "Tell me when you want to understand."
So the two of them felt the warmth and tranquility of each other until Mammy Xu came in from outside and interrupted the atmosphere.
Because there is no door, Mammy Xu will just come in and see Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue embrace together. Naturally, she misunderstood her face and felt a little uncomfortable. However, since they all came in, it is not good to go out and give a ceremony to Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue. "Excuse me, old slave."
Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue quickly parted when they saw Mammy Xu coming in. Lin Yueqing coughed, "Mammy Xu has something to see me?"
"Madam, the old slave looks at the fact that the emperor in the palace will send someone to leave for Beijing one day. If it doesn’t matter to others, Father Cui and two others will lead the team. We have to do some gifts. This is also the usual practice, but it seems that the handmaiden is prepared to ask for a sign. Do you need anything from the old slave?"
Because of this, Lin Yue didn’t say that Mammy Xu knew that Lin Yue always did things properly, but she still woke up. It was also due diligence to do so. After all, these people are all from the palace, and they must never be disrespectful and let people hold grudges.
Mammy Xu has seen this case before, and this kind of thing often happens in the palace. These days, they treat this line of people with thoughtful compromise. Mammy Xu quietly observes that these people, including father-in-law Xu, are very satisfied with the hospitality and good drinking. If you offend people because this last step is not good, it is really not worth the candle.
"I’m ready to do something in a few days, except father-in-law Cui and two other sergeants and supervisors. They all have a gift, but it’s different in weight. This is a gift list. Mammy, you are from the palace. You should know more about these. Help me see what’s wrong with it. If there is something wrong, I’ll change it, "said Lin Yue, handing Xu Mammy a list of tables.
Mammy Xu doesn’t refuse to take the bill. It seems that Mrs. Xu is generous and thoughtful. Not only is father-in-law Cui and the other two teams leading, but everyone else has prepared a gift for everyone. I believe no one is dissatisfied this time.
"Madam, there is nothing wrong with this gift is too thick? Don’t say father-in-law Cui and two other people give them presents. It’s almost a hundred taels of silver per person, and there are too many things. It’s enough for father-in-law Cui and two other people to give them. 547 Chapter 547
But look at the gift list, which says sweet pancreas, ten pieces of wine, five bottles of embroidered ornaments or gadgets, five cans of canned fruit and five cans of pickled vegetables, five cans of dry goods of various colors, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables. So, each person is more than one hundred and two things, which is indeed extremely rich
Lin Yue listened to Mammy Xu laughing and laughing. "It’s better to give more gifts than less. It’s all our own products. In fact, it doesn’t cost much. I think although they are in a low rank now, there are a few things that may be accomplished in the future. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we should be a good relationship."
Yu Cui’s father-in-law and two other Lin Yue sent all the dry fruits and vegetables twice as much. In addition, the fragrant pancreas and wine were the best, while the embroidered ornaments were one thing, of course, which was unusual. The ordinary embroidered pieces of Shuang Mianxiu ornaments were just a few pieces that were not as precious as this one. Of course, this was not Lin Yue’s personal embroidery of Lanfang and Dongxue. Since being embroidered by Professor Lin Yue by leaps and bounds, several Shuang Mianxiu pictures have been embroidered. These three pictures were selected from their embroideries. Although it is definitely not necessary for Lin Yue to embroider, they are already very good, which exceeds the general market level.
Because I was leaving the next day, Lin Yue sent the things to people in the afternoon the first day. Father Cui and the three were Zhao Erhu who delivered them in person, which was obviously more to everyone’s liking than receiving some silver before. Not only were the things good, but they were also richer than dinner. Everyone was in high spirits.
The next day, Zhao Erhu and Cui Gonggong and his party set foot on the road to Beijing, and Lin Yueneng told them that "the two tigers will come back to the forest village soon after they have finished their work in Beijing, saying that the elder sister will not be able to do it. Guess you will have to come back to see her for the last time when you can drag on for a month at most."
Zhao Erhu nodded with a heavy heart. "Daughter-in-law, I know. Don’t worry, I’ll come back as soon as possible. When I’m away, the elder sister has to rely on you to look after those things in the past. She’s sorry for you, but in the end …" Speaking of this, Zhao Erhu was a little ashamed, but he wasn’t at home. These things were entrusted to Kannika nimtragol, and he didn’t trust others.
"Well, don’t talk about it. You want to say that I passed away in vain. I don’t care for a long time. I am your daughter-in-law. Your elder sister is my elder sister. After all, I am good to you. I will do my best for this. You can rest assured that you should take care of yourself. When you see that one, you must be careful with the emperor’s heart and sea needle."
Looking at Zhao Erhu and Cui’s father-in-law and his party, Lin Yue’s heart is falling, and the deeper his feelings for Zhao Erhu are, the more reluctant he is to part. Every time Zhao Erhu leaves her, it always takes a while to get used to it. Fortunately, Zhao Erhu will not come back soon when he goes to Beijing this time.
After seeing off Zhao Erhu Lin Yue, she went back to her room and thought that it was certain to go out to sea early in the morning. Zhao Erhu said that her home-made goods were very marketable and she was afraid that they would not be sold out. These days, Lin Yue made all the places step up their efforts, and Ruyan Liu had been hiding in her soap-making room to study these days since she collected a lot of things that day. She never saw Ruyan Liu come out once, that is, she needed something here and sent someone to send it over. Lin Yue wanted to know the progress of studying essential oils in Ruyan Liu, and she was preparing to go to the soap-making room. The old lady generally said that Zhang Qiusheng was here.