During this period of leisure, Chen Song and others also planned out the areas where they were going to grow vegetables in the greenhouse, and divided the areas according to different kinds. Tian Aiguo needed to grow vegetables according to these vegetable planting methods. While planting, he also told Chen Song and them carefully about the care methods.

Chen Song and Tong Yihuai also took out their notes very rigorously and recorded them in detail to prepare for Tian Aiguo to be an expert in the agricultural field in strict accordance with the methods introduced by Tian experts.
After planting vegetables, Tian Aiguo saw that it was almost time to wash his hands and walked into the kitchen. Chen Song and them followed him.
Tian Aiguo is going to take rice for cooking first. When he takes rice, he happens to see red dates placed with rice. He can’t help but say with smile, "This red date looks good. It’s definitely not your choice, is it? By the way, do you eat rice wine? I planted some glutinous rice myself some time ago to make rice wine, and the rice wine and jujube soup tasted good. "
Chen Song said faintly, "Senior Tian has gone too far. My brother and I have never laughed at you. We don’t even know what mersenne prime is. Is it not good that you have been laughing at us for not being able to cook?"
Tian Aiguo smiled and said, "But I don’t know what mersenne prime is and it’s not worth laughing at, is it? Most people don’t know. "
Chen Song gave him a look and said, "Do most of you know how to choose red dates?"
Tian Aiguo hesitated and said, "Don’t you know?"
Chen Song said confidently, "Do you want to do an online research?"
Tian aiguo lost in thought "originally most people don’t know how to choose red dates? This is too pitiful. Otherwise, when will I record a video to teach the right person? "
Chen Song "… but it’s good that you are happy"
Although he thinks that most people should not be very interested, they will always be interested, and anyway, Tian Aiguo won’t be interested even if he really wants to record a video. Being a online celebrity should not care about the broadcast volume.
After pulling such a big circle, Tian Aiguo didn’t forget to put the rice to cook at first, then turned and continued to ask, "By the way, you haven’t said whether to eat rice wine?"
Chen Song asked curiously, "Is it delicious? I’ve heard of rice wine, but I haven’t eaten it yet. There is no such habit in my family. "
Tian Aiguo nodded and said, "Although it’s delicious, it’s called wine, but it doesn’t taste much, and the alcohol content is very low, and it tastes a little sweet. If you’re not sure, I’ll send you a little less to taste. If you like, I’ll send you more. Now the rice wine has just been made, it’s the best, and it won’t taste so sweet after a long time. The most important thing is that the rice wine can’t be kept for too long, so if you like, you can help me eat more."
After thinking about it, he said, "Although the alcohol content is very low, it is still a wine shop. If you want to drive, don’t eat it."
Chen Song nodded and said, "OK, let’s try it."
Tian Aiguo made a lot of rice wine on a whim before, and the base staff didn’t like it very much. So much rice wine is really a bit inexhaustible. Now I’m selling some rice wine and I’m in a good mood. I said happily, "Actually, it’s quite interesting to make rice wine. If you like it, I’ll ask you to play together when I make it again."
Chen Song had to admit that it was really interesting to go to Tian Aiguo to play farmhouse music occasionally, so he agreed to come.
The staple food for dinner is Tian Aiguo’s personally cooked fried rice with eggs and soy sauce. The color is very beautiful, and you can smell a salty smell far away, which makes people involuntarily salivate.
Not having dinner is too greasy. Aunt Zhao fried two fried vegetables, and the vegetable soup is also a sweet fruit soup.
Tong Yihuai, Chen Song and Tian Aiguo sat around the dining table. Chen Song scooped a spoonful of fried rice with eggs into his mouth and chewed it carefully. Then he looked at Tian Aiguo with bright eyes. "Delicious! Tian Xuechang didn’t expect you to cook so well! "
Tian Aiguo satisfiedly smiled, of course, he wouldn’t tell Chen Song that he would cook this fried rice with eggs or learn from the chef for a long time and have good soy sauce blessing to have such an effect.
As usual, the dinner was CD-ROM, and as Aunt Zhao expected, the fried rice with eggs was delicious, but it did taste a little greasy. Fortunately, when it was stir-fried, the vegetables and fruits were sweet soup to relieve boredom.
A few days later, Chen Song received rice wine from Tian Aiguo.
Chen Song has never been interested in wine, but this rice wine really tells Tian Aiguo that it doesn’t taste much and it tastes very special. Although it doesn’t surprise Chen Song, it still likes it.
So when the weather was getting colder, Tian Aiguo was ready to make another batch of rice wine that could last a little longer, so he asked them to play together.
When they arrived at the base, Chen Song found that this time Liu Decheng was also washing glutinous rice with sleeves rolled, which was very grounded, and there was no big star.
Seeing Chen Song and them coming in, Tian Aiguo waved to them and said, "You’re here. Come on, you’re short."
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai walked over and looked at the glutinous rice in the container. The expression was a little surprised. Although there were many glutinous rice, it didn’t seem to be in line with Tsuda’s patriotic statement that more should be done.
Tian Aiguo saw that they were confused and said, "Of course, these are not the big ones. There are base chefs who take their employees to do these things, just to make them for you to play with and bring them back to eat or give them away. How meaningful it is to do it yourself, right?"
Liu Decheng agreed very much, nodded and said with great interest, "When it comes out, I’m going to get dozens of lottery tickets for fans."
What else is more valuable for fans to make things by idols themselves?
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai didn’t notice that there was an unknown young man holding a mobile phone to record a screen.
Liu Decheng noticed their eyes and said, "This is my assistant, Xiao Lu, who has been following me for many years. Don’t worry that he is very strict and won’t talk nonsense. The video will also be edited and won’t put your faces and sounds in it, mainly to prevent anyone from questioning that I didn’t make rice wine myself."
Xiao Lu smiled shyly at Chen Song and them. It was also the first time that he followed Liu Decheng to meet friends outside the circle. He also accidentally found that his Liu Ge friends seemed to be not simple.
However, as Liu Decheng said, Xiao Lu is very strict, and he knows best what to say and what not to say in the entertainment circle.
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai also nodded to him without asking more, washed their hands and joined in. "What to do now? Wash rice? "
Tian Aiguo pointed to the ground and said, "Just pour the rice here after washing, and then soak for a few hours before taking another step."
In fact, it’s not that you can wash all the rice utensils at once, but Liu Decheng said that it might not be very clean. After all, he may be found out at every point in the entertainment circle, so it’s better to be cautious.
After washing the rice bubbles, the group left the kitchen to have tea and chat.
Chen Song and Tian Aiguo often meet each other and are familiar with each other, but they haven’t met Liu Decheng several times, so they are a little rusty and politely ask about his current situation.
Liu Decheng looked relaxed and said, "It’s good. Although I don’t often search for anything now, I feel more relaxed, and my work is not as busy as before. Now I just finished filming a film and I’m trying to get a supporting role in the National New Year film."
Tian Aiguo smell speech a face of disgust said "supporting role to fight for? It seems that you are not doing so well. "
Liu Decheng rolled his eyes at him and said, "I don’t understand. Don’t talk nonsense. It’s that the national father is going to shoot a Chinese New Year blockbuster. People choose actors regardless of their popularity. It’s enough for me to win a supporting role. Now those new young people who want to win a walk-on may not be qualified."
Chen Song interrupted their bickering and asked curiously, "What are you shooting?"
Although he is not interested in the entertainment circle, he still occasionally looks at some movies, some of which are really well shot and people are surging with emotion.
Liu Decheng said, "I don’t know exactly. It seems that scientists mainly show the progress of scientific research in China since the founding of the People’s Republic of China."
When Chen Song heard this, he looked at Tong Yihuai in a daze and said uncertainly, "It’s not the first time to say that, is it?"
When Liu Decheng saw it, he also remembered the identity of the two and quickly asked, "Do you know what the scene is?"
Chen Song said, "It’s not a scene, it’s just that the former Ministry of Science and Technology and Guang came to us and asked us if we would like to play ourselves in a film."
It’s a long story on his face, and it’s obvious that he is very uncomfortable to play himself.
Liu Decheng some excitedly said, "that you agreed? If I succeed, maybe we can shoot together. "
Tong Yihuai said, "We didn’t want to promise to come, but they said that the teacher also promised to make a guest appearance. Besides, there were not many scenes and we didn’t need acting skills, so we promised to go if there was time."
Liu Decheng said happily, "That’s great. I didn’t expect to film with you one day!"
Tian Aiguo held up Ba’s teasing tone with one hand and said, "Why didn’t anyone come to me?"
Liu Decheng is also very polite to him "that still ask? Of course, it is because you are not good enough. "
Tian Aiguo angrily shouted, "Why don’t I matter? How can I say that I am also a leader of the younger generation in the agricultural field? "
Liu Decheng "ha" a squint at him "who admitted? Do you call yourself? "
Tian Aiguo said confidently, "Does this need to be acknowledged? Who else is more powerful than me when the younger generation is engaged in agriculture? "
Liu Decheng took his mobile phone and pressed the record button. "Come on, say it again. I’ll send you a social network and ask if anyone wants to come out and take a walk for you."
Tian Aiguo "…"
He waved like a fly. "Go, go, don’t make trouble! Let’s be modest. Let’s just say it ourselves. Can you tell it to others? What if it hits the fragile self-confidence of young people now? "
Liu Decheng came to talk, but he didn’t really want to record his shameless words. He couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head and said, "Now I believe that you are indeed the first person of the younger generation in the field of agronomy. After all, no one will be thicker than you."
While drinking tea, Chen Song smiled and watched them bicker until the two of them came to an end before saying, "Senior Tian is really good in the field of agronomy. It is not a simple matter to improve so many species, is it?"
Tian Aiguo gave Chen Song a thumbs-up and said, "It’s still Chen Xuedi who knows what to do, unlike some people who dare to talk nonsense when they don’t know anything."
He also gave Liu Decheng a pointed look when he spoke.
Didn’t let the two men continue to quarrel. Chen Song continued, "I think Tian Xuechang must have his own special method, right? Didn’t you consider sorting it out and sending a paper? "
Of course, it is also possible that Tian Aiguo wants to take this skill as a family treasure, but Chen Song thinks that Tian Aiguo is not such a self-respecting person.
Tian Aiguo’s expression was really serious this time and said, "Chen Xuedi is really right about this. In fact, I have not only been doing breeding improvement in recent years, but also doing research on breeding methods. I have indeed developed a little clue, which means that I can learn a little skill in all kinds of breeding, but it is still too early to send a paper for the current research results, and I still lack some experimental data."