Oh, by the way, she is ten years old, and her family is at ease that she doesn’t need to pick up her eldest child every day.

"… and all come back, I’ll watch it with my sister first" Momo peach please smile.
However, this curry favor was not scolded by Wu Manzhu and persimmon in the room at all. After more than half an hour, Momo’s peach was let go.
"But I’m ten years old and so big." Momo Tao sighed.
"No one knows if those people were still there. Are you still young? I’m not afraid of 10 thousand, but I’m afraid of one thousand, right?" Wu manzhu also sighed.
This family is too good and troublesome.
"When you are as old as your sister and them, you can walk by yourself."
According to the height of the family, Momo Taohou can’t be short, and this big lump can’t leave like this.
This Momo peach is a sigh.
"I’d better watch it with my sister."
It’s persimmon’s turn to talk.
It’s really the turn of the tide.
You have something to say.
Momo Tao, I’m I’m very old.
Everyone is still a baby. Thank you for casting the overlord vote or irrigating the nutrient solution angel during the period of 61817:3:~618:5: ~
Thank you that the little angel qj of irrigation nutrient solution is not in a bottle;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 13 Chapter 13
The college entrance examination, which has been resumed for ten years, will be held in mid-December.
At this time, it just happens to be the cold breath in the solar terms in the cold winter, but even so, it can’t be as hot as everyone’s heart
In previous years, exams were not divided into subjects, but I didn’t expect to be divided into arts and sciences this time, which is a good thing for persimmon.
Speaking of her liberal arts, she is really not good at it. It’s shriveled and emotionless
Momo Tao never hesitated to help her choose science when she looked at her headache once.
These days are all kinds of key assaults, and there is a lot of information on the bedside, but they are all their achievements.
Make it yourself
Lin Qinghe sent it to me
full to the brim
The exam lasted for three days. During these three days, the Qu family was incredibly quiet, which was even worse than Song Xing’s saying that most people were driven out and must give persimmon a best environment.
Song Xing … Didn’t he just say that it’s okay to fail the exam?
Besides, the family kept three meals a day in the past, and kept this past rest until the exam
"# # # But I’m choking to death, persimmon, what’s going on?"
When the exam was at the last minute, the family was at the gate, and then the persimmons were finished one by one. They didn’t calm down the other day and turned back to the noisy appearance.
Persimmon can’t help but hook the corners of the mouth and hand the draft paper to Momo Peach, and it’s hard to hide the excitement in the sound.
"There should be no problem."
Hearing her say this, the family was relieved. Momo peach had bright eyes, took persimmon by the hand and said happily.
"Come on, let’s go back and get the right answer."
Among the people they know, besides persimmon Zeng Youyao, they also took part in the exam, and several people just can verify it well.
Listen to persimmon also nodded his head.
Although I feel good about myself, I am always more at ease with one.
Two days ago, it didn’t affect the mentality, so everyone held back and didn’t ask. Now I ask you, but I can’t help but be curious.
A bunch of people came home excitedly, and when Zeng Youyao came back, several people immediately gathered together and began to answer.
Momo Tao took out the questions collected in the past few days and turned them over specially, and found a teacher to work out the answers together and put them on the table.
"Well, that’s it, sister. You Yaoyao elder sister should answer the question first." Momo peach looked at them with bright eyes. "There must be no problem, right?"
Two people …
This is really the emperor who doesn’t hurry to die eunuch.
Speaking of which, they are not in such a hurry as this cub.
However, although she is not in a hurry, she is still looking forward to her future and results.
The two men immediately started to talk to each other and finished the only discussion these days.
"I think so."
"I was not sure when I did it, but I didn’t expect to guess right."
"This problem has not been worked out."
In the end, the result is very happy. Both of them are similar.
They both reported to the same school. According to this situation, the problem is not serious.
The last three people are together, facing the last test paper.
The answer is that it’s really not difficult to write after ten years.
But it’s also normal. After all, most people haven’t seen it for many years, even more than ten years, except for this session of the National People’s Congress.
Even if I have relaxed my education in school these years, I have been engaged in various sports, and there are not many really good students.
Plus, it’s only been more than a month since the news came out and the exam came out, and the preparation was quite urgent