"Let’s go and have a look."

"Wait, I seem to hear something …"
"I also heard …"
The two men looked at each other and silently walked towards the sound source …
This is the original magma from generate. Chapter 77 Ice and fire are two worlds.
I didn’t think there was a cave here. Huang Junyi held her hand and consciously walked ahead to block Ziyun from behind.
The huge fire came out of the temple, generate, and was beaten by Xuanbing Sword. The opponent in the temple should not be so easy to deal with.
Ziyun’s proud guess is obviously right. It’s not just the fire, but the magma just came out of the temple. It is conceivable that the strength of the other side is even worse, and they dare not conclude that the other side has achieved several layers of capability.
Fire spouted like a long line.
I don’t know what characters are in it. It’s amazing that people who practice fire can play fireballs. The bigger the fireball, the stronger it will be. But it’s incredible to directly turn the fire into a steady stream of flames and even erupt magma like the man in it.
Boom …
"Are you back-"
Accompanied by the fire dragon, a female voice filled with sadness seems to have been waiting for each other for a long time.
Enhancing the echo effect makes people feel a quiver.
Huang Junyi proudly guarded Ziyun while being slightly attacked by fire against the wall.
After a moment’s silence, the other party spouted a long dragon …
"It’s not you …" That sound is more sad than sadness. It seems that it has been waiting for a long time, and I don’t know how long it will take to know that I can wait like this …
Perhaps because the fire dragon has accumulated a certain amount of magma, it seems that it will erupt again.
The hot stone wall makes people feel uncomfortable.
"You said that if I miss you, the fire dragon will call you. You will hear my call to come at the first time, but I have been waiting for you here for two thousand years. Why haven’t you come yet after I called you for so long …"
If the magma generate again, they suspect that it will take many times to fight. It is better to take this opportunity-
When they keep getting closer, they feel that their bodies are about to melt, so they can’t go any closer.
At this time, Ziyun proudly saw a faint light next to it, showing how cool it was.
"Yi, you come quickly." She pulled Huang Junyi in a low voice and walked towards the cold place.
Although it is a small hole, it has been so cool and refreshing. Ziyun proudly looked at the hole dug by Xuan Bing sword after Huang Junyi.
A bigger cave appeared.
There was gravel falling from the stone wall, and it was almost ice and snow inside, but soon an’ iceman’ appeared.
He held a bow and arrow in his hand, and an arrow stuck in the ground seemed to support his body. His face was expressionless, but he bent slightly and seemed to write something.
But it seems that he has been frozen into ice before he has finished writing it.
How can there be ice in this hot place? This is not too unreasonable, is it?
The two men looked at each other and decided to go into the cave to find out
"I’m sorry I can’t go back-Huai dyed words" Ziyun proudly looked at some vague words and read them slowly.
"Huai Ran Dian?" Xuan Bing sword suddenly vibrates.
Because of the empathy with Xuan Bing Sword, Ziyun proudly understood its words, "Have you heard of it?" Ziyun ao Wen