"Don’t worry about me, Xiaomeng, hurry back, your sister and mother still need your care!" Deng dang still worried shouted.

But Huang Xu didn’t give Lv Meng a chance to react and galloped forward. One knife picked Lv Meng up on horseback, and before rushing back to the army array, he threw the injured Lv Meng to the army Wu, and then threw Deng Dang to the army Wu with the same behavior. Continue to kill Li’s war circle without stopping.
Li’s body armor is fragmentary, and it is almost scattered on Li’s body. It is all made by Han Dang’s broadsword, and the body is also covered with knives. It looks shocking, as if the injury is very serious. In fact, there is no serious problem under the recovery ability of Li’s abnormal condition. Although Han Dang’s knife was scratched on Li She, Li She was not jealous. Every time she scratched it, it was not heavy. It was just a skin injury.
Li She saw that Lu Meng had got it, and laughed. "Huang Xugan did a good job, and this time you are the only one!"
"It’s not enough, watch me make another effort!" Huang Xu galloped forward, entered the war circle involving Li, and took a heavy knife as a pledge to Han Dang, vowing to make more contributions.
However, it was skillfully resolved by Han Dang, but it was suddenly shot down by a knife. If it weren’t for Li’s help, I would have died. Li said in a hurry: "Huang Xu, you can’t get in here!"
Huang Xu also understood that his power was far from that of the other two war circles. Just now, he ventured into it and almost killed himself. I felt a little sad and hurried back, staring anxiously at Li’s war circle. As long as Li was in distress, Huang Xu felt that he would rush.
Howl! The white tiger roars the sky, and it is strong and fierce.
Zheng! The pike is unyielding and motionless.
The noise caused by Sun Ce and Zhang Xiu was so great that all the soldiers who were far apart had to cover their ears and hurriedly retreat. The power was too great.
Is this the land of the true soul? Li Shexin has a yearning thought. Even Li Shexin and Han Dang were under pressure just now, so they had to go further away from the war circle in Zhang Xiu, Sun Ce, so as not to be affected.
"Young students, don’t come and kill yourself!" Han Dang danced wildly with broadsword, and killed Li She, interrupting her yearning.
"What’s wrong with you! If you let me commit suicide, I will commit suicide, then I will let you eat shit and you will eat it! " Li She blocked Han Dang’s knife. Although she was parried by Han Dang, the kung fu in her mouth was not comparable to that of Han Dang. Han Dang, who was angry at once, slashed Li She desperately. "I won’t kill you today, Han Dang. I swear not to be human."
"Ha ha ….., do you think you are a person? After all, you are just a dog of the Sun family. Even if you don’t want to be a man, just be a dog in the next life, which just meets your requirements. "
Not far away, Huang Xu looked at Li She with admiration. "Your master’s tongue is vicious and unparalleled, and your master’s realm is beyond our reach!" Now it is obvious that Huang Xu’s poisonous tongue was practiced with Li She.
"Ah ah! Angry old man! " Han Dang’s hair and beard are all flamboyant, and he yells furiously, regardless of his efforts to slash. This posture is to chop Li into the rhythm of the paste.
On the other hand, Li She breathed a sigh of relief. Although Han Dang was crazy, he could easily parry himself. Instead, when Han Dang was calm, the knife style was quite disciplined, which made Li She resist the difficulties and was always inevitably scratched with a few knives. Now, it’s okay, not only to resist easily, but also to cut back a few knives in time, killing Han Dang in a hurry.
Han Dang seems to have noticed it, and quickly stabilized his anger. When he was about to burst into great power, a shadow suddenly appeared next to him, then the shadow covered himself, and then spread slowly. Finally, the whole world was shrouded in darkness, and the golden sun seemed to be swallowed up, so far it disappeared.
"It’s dark!" A cold and heartless female voice came, which seemed to be in the ear, in the bottom of my heart and in the sky.
Heaven and earth are dark, and any luminous body has lost its function at this moment. Only the strong above the virtual soul can see the scene in front of them with their own strong ability, but other foot soldiers don’t have this ability, and at that time the foot soldiers fell into endless panic.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-eight The evil spirits shura
Sun Ce’s foot soldiers really fell into a panic, and Li’s foot soldiers also inevitably fell into a panic, but Li’s foot soldiers found themselves able to see things clearly in the dark, as if they were the same as during the day, or rather farther than during the day.
What’s going on here? At that time, the foot soldiers were full of doubts.
As soon as the doubts fell, the female voice rang again. "The world is dark, the underworld is killing, the evil spirits are shura, and the hell is open!"
Heaven and earth seem to have been pulled a big hole, which is deep and dark. I don’t know what it is. This is the darkness in the eyes of the foot soldiers on Li’s side, and needless to say, the foot soldiers on Sun Ce’s side are all black.
Suddenly, a dirty arm appeared in the infinite depth, and then a blue-faced, fangs-faced head was exposed, and the foot soldiers swooped down from the air to Sun Ce.
"Jie Jie ….." Thick don’t know what is the biological laughter, sharp laughter clearly introduced to the ears of every foot soldier, unwarranted body chills.
Monsters ran out from the cracks one by one, and all of them went to Sun Ce’s foot soldiers to kill them. After about a hundred monsters jumped out, a bony evil horse suddenly rushed out, and there was a ghost who was dressed in rags on his horse’s back, but the momentum of the ghost was sufficient, such as the king of God looking down. Although there was only a tattered halberd in his hand, it still looked majestic and murderous.
Until this military commander came out, the cracks were slowly closed, and some were unwilling to reach out of the cracks, and their arms were deeply broken by the cracks, and the shrill screams could not be heard outside.
The sudden appearance of the scene would have made Li She, Zhang Xiu and others stop. Li involved stunned looking at the cracks slowly closed, completely don’t understand what happened, I saw those green-faced, fangs kids kept jumping up and down in Sun Ce’s camp, but nothing happened to Shura who was sitting on horseback.
"Ah …" From time to time, the Sun Ce side has a miserable roar, some of which are made by imps, and more of which are made by the fearful foot soldiers themselves.
The kids jumped up to the necks of the foot soldiers, opened their mouths and bit them, tearing their flesh and blood. After smelling the blood, the kids became even crazier. At present, the foot soldiers who were in darkness were suddenly attacked, crying and dancing with weapons in their hands, which inevitably affected the innocent, and the camp on Sun Ce side began to be chaotic.
"What is this? Counselor skills? " Sun Ce was also shocked by this scene. Although Sun Ce is known as the Jiangdong bully, he is not afraid of anything, but at the end of the day, Sun Ce’s age is not big, and he is in his early twenties. This scene, which he had never seen before, still made him a little uneasy. He had no intention of fighting in Zhang Xiu and rode to Han Dang’s side.
"Some like counsellor skills, such as this let the earth into endless darkness. Daoism should also be able to be used, but these kids who can be summoned are somewhat like Daoism. " Han Dang has been on the battlefield for many years and has never seen anything strange. Suddenly see this scene seems to be a bit like yourself following Sun Jian crisscrossed, attack the yellow turban insurrectionary seen magic.
"Counselor skills? Daoism? This power is too great! " Sun Ce’s lips are a little dry. If there is a Taoist priest around. Wouldn’t it be possible to dominate the world? Jiangshan is at your fingertips. Sun Ce always thought that only force can run the world. Now Sun Ce has changed his mind. No wonder his father used to teach himself to pay more attention to civilian talents. This time, he must dig up some talents when he returns to Jiangdong.
Han Dang said: "Daoism can soar in a hundred days when it is practiced to the extreme. Your master said that it is powerful, but you don’t need to be discouraged. It is not a dream to crush the void, but it can still be realized." It seems that Han Dang didn’t live in vain, but he really knows a lot.
Sun Ce’s casualties began to get heavier and heavier, and the scope began to expand. It turned out that there were only riots in places where there were imps, and then there were no imps. After being affected by the shrill cries, chaos began to occur.
I was a comrade-in-arms brother, but in my ignorance, I personally stabbed my companion’s heart with a knife. The sound of my companion’s dying pain came from my ear, and my heart was even more afraid. I once again raised the butcher knife like another companion and exclaimed: "Brother, walk slowly, I will avenge you!"
All this is naturally caused by Zhang Ning in the rear of the army. Zhang Ning looks a little weak and looks a little pale. "It’s a taboo move that I recently realized with the help of the lame Taoist priest. It’s a move that my father and two uncles didn’t understand. As for those kids, I raised them in hell. I hope I can help Xianggong."
Then he seemed to be a little worried. He looked at the evil horse ghost general who was still motionless in the air and said to himself, "This is the only shura I have successfully summoned. Unfortunately, this shura didn’t listen to my orders. I don’t know what he was doing when he suddenly came out this time. It won’t cause any trouble."
Zhang Ning’s worry makes sense. What is a shura? It’s a demon who got up from the sea of corpses. They are demons and kill God!
If this shura doesn’t listen to Zhang Ning’s orders, thus affecting Li’s side, then it’s too late for Zhang Ning to regret.
Sun Ce couldn’t drive any longer, so he rode towards his barracks and shouted, "Get out of my way!"
It’s a pity that although the foot soldiers heard Sun Ce’s roar, their eyes were dark and they couldn’t see anything at all, and they didn’t know how to avoid it.
"Hey!" The tiger rushed out again, and where it roared, there was a light immediately, so that the foot soldiers could clearly see what they were doing again.
The tiger’s speed is very fast, so the light disappears quickly, and the darkness immediately returns, but this doesn’t affect what they just saw. As long as the place where the tiger galloped, it immediately became quiet, and some even heard crying, because they found that their former best brother didn’t die in the hands of the enemy, but died in his own hands. This sense of shame made some iron-blooded men want to die.
"Nobody moves!" Sun Ce kept drinking, and Sun Ce’s strength around him could also bring some light to the foot soldiers, who had already understood that the real enemy was the fear in their own hearts.
"Yike … Yike!" The green-faced, fangs-faced kid let go of the meat in his hand, and he was anxious and didn’t know what he was’ squeaking’. He hurriedly fled, but he was still swallowed up by the extremely fast tiger. Sun Ce felt a burst of energy. "I didn’t expect these kids to supplement my energy consumption."