dazzlingly bright

It’s suffocating dark.
"Cali!" Wen Jiuyi’s anti-bending knee joint broke out with extraordinary strength, and his figure disappeared in the telling movement. trouser legs’s other two worm lines finally lit up in the zerg’s leg alienation. After continuous exercise, he could jump to 4 times his height. Quantify the specific figures. The male worm can reach 7 meters every time.
Previously, this did not belong to the butterfly family’s alienation ability.
At this time, this excellent jumping ability has actually become a flying aid! He jumped in the Yuan Ye and jumped high with his broken wings.
Alec finally caught the top stone.
He poked his head out.
The huge hand leaned out of the cave, and he didn’t fully expose the whole palm. How many fingers are there? Each of them runs through the sky and the earth. The small figure can run on the surface.
Everything is burning.
the sunset
Wen jiuyi
This feast was not the seventh from the beginning, but spread out huge fingers and bright spots one after another, and the airflow kept moving with Wen Jiuyi running and jumping.
Alek seems to be watching a net keep moving towards the clouds and returning to the sky with the temperature 91! The sun is rising! I don’t know how many red-hot metals are suspended. They are caught in the unilateral sprint of Wen Jiuyi and fly one by one, cutting into the fingers of the parasitic body Kali.
"card! Lee! " Wen Jiuyi bit his lip.
He has no good clothes, and blood and fire have become armor.
No.7 hid behind. He felt that he was facing a visitor from hell, "Lord Cali". He called out like a child, "That’s him."
High-incomprehensible languages run through the brains of all people on the whole planet. They finish up like snakes and imprison the listener’s consciousness in a narrow place like a birdcage.
Alec unconsciously repeated the sentence "stupid?"
There was no poisonous gas around him, and all the solid gas was carried to Gao by Wen Jiuyi, so he climbed up and buckled his face with blood clots and mud on the hot ground.
"Stupid?" Alec repeated these two words in his mind, which seemed to appear naturally and did not need to be studied and translated.
He doesn’t understand
And you don’t need to understand
Because there is another hand in high school.
He blew away red mist like a blade of grass and threw Wen Jiuyi from ten thousand meters high again.
Alek’s eyes tightened, and he rushed away like a cannonball, belonging to the goddess of hymns. The wings of the butterfly no longer hid the light, and the speed was given to him at the same time-
"Eat him number seven."
Wen Jiuyi fell from a height of tens of thousands of hot metals and a fatal attack on his brain penetrated his body. All weapons were so fragile in the face of the ultimate strength.
Alec fell to the ground and made a meat pad. He hugged Wen Jiuyi’s body, and then the butterfly family’s light and huge wings rolled in the scorched earth until all the impact disappeared.
Alessidia? Alek gave a bad look at the sky and hugged Wen Jiuyi.
Bah, you are Alessidia!
You have something to say.
At first, Alek, I will never participate in the war.
Later, Aleck called me Alessideya (clenched fist);
Come late, but have
Chapter 87 Chapter 87
End of battle
The thing that Alek hates most in this life is being mistaken for his brother Alesside.
Whether it’s a zerg or a parasite, they have Alessideya in their eyes-Alec doesn’t know how good that bastard is to make everyone think about him, but at the moment, when he doesn’t have roots, think about what doomed love is his brother.
He clung to the male insect in his arms.
Wen Jiuyi hung his head, his clothes were blown up by the wind and burned to ashes, and the part cracked to expose his riddled body. After the military thorns melted, the metal liquid was plunged into the male worm, and the blood quickly coagulated and attacked all organs from the outside.
"Minister Wen" Alek held the male worm’s head in his arms and leaned over to stick his ear in front of the male worm’s nose for a long time before he heard his breathing hard.
"91! Wen Jiuyi! " Alek couldn’t help calling the name of the male insect.
In the past few days, the dark clouds behind the huge fingers have finally landed on the front of the planet K778. The sun has completely disappeared from this planet. Only by climbing rapidly from the ground to poison the gas, the sunset is still burning fiercely.
This scene reminds Alec of the hymn goddess ruling gun.
Parents like to give war stories, the goddess of hymns to their cubs at home. He always drops this weapon from the sky and ties the whole planet together.
"What is the weapon of God?"
"Alek, you’ll know when you see it."
The soldier-level parasite and the captain-level parasite are different in fighting capacity and ability.
But at the general level, they can completely separate another species.