As soon as she read this, she simply turned her eyes and sat on the side and ignored him.

See her ignore Fang Wei nine palms to move to move …
Baoqi’s back is stiff, "the thief holds it"
"Come on, I didn’t touch other small waists. It’s so soft …" Three Lai-class Fang Weijiu not only refused to let go of his mouth, but also teased and sneered half-jokingly and half-seriously. "I said, little wife, how can you do this to me after I’ve been infatuated with you for so many years?"
Breathe in and breathe out for ten seconds. Bao Qi turned to stare at the young man in front of him. Evil came from bravery and secretly pulled out his fingers at a very fast speed and took his eyes straight. Hate said in his mouth
"Buddha said that uncle can bear aunt can’t bear to deceive others too much, and the girl will kill you!"
"ouch!" Fang Weijiu cried out in pain.
He didn’t expect that she would make a sudden move and take the weakest eye so hard. Fortunately, he reacted quickly enough, but his eyes didn’t have an accident. Unfortunately, his handsome face was caught by her nails. Although there was no bleeding, his face was burning and painful. Finally, he let him know that this little wildcat is really annoying.
I put it on her skill, but I touched my face and cocked my head and looked at her carefully for a long time. I twitched my lips and frowned and asked very seriously.
"Girl you and cold home Sir Zhong do things so cruel to him? He can stand you? "
Say that finish to see my little girl whisked pretty face suddenly floating two suspicious blush Fang Jiu couldn’t help laughing again "Ha ha ha don’t worry, girl, I won’t do anything. You are taking you to be very popular and spicy today, and you promise to be particularly grateful to me after a trip."
"Thank you?"
I don’t know how he could make such a wild remark. Bao Qi hubris her calmly and sarcastically. "Do you know what I am so patient with?" But just because you are a stuttering cousin, I will tell you honestly that if you dare to touch me again, I will tear down the bones! "
I like him grinning and bared his teeth, but I’m not ashamed to be scolded for half a minute.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha … Come on, don’t decorate yourself like a Sun Erniang, just like a cabbage. No wonder he ate it."
One to this crop treasure and pure heart "hitched"
Bored, bored, she simply stopped talking to this psycho.
"Hey … hey …"
Fang Weijiu poked her arm and saw that she ignored Kenai lying in the back of the chair no longer squeaked.
Bao Qi didn’t feel anything unusual until she calmed down.
In addition to the smell of wild rose flowers, there is also a perfume-like smell in the carriage, probably because she has never been perfume-sensitive, and she will feel very uncomfortable when inhaling it into her nose.
This perfume doesn’t taste like Fang Wei’s coquettish men’s perfume
She is almost 100% sure that it is a woman’s perfume.
Of course, it’s not uncommon for Fang Wei-jiu to have a woman. It’s even more unusual to have a woman’s perfume in the carriage, which makes her feel abnormal and embarrassed. This perfume is also mixed with a faint smell that makes people can’t help but stand on end.
Only people who have experienced this smell know that it is sexual …
No one likes to sit in front of someone who has done something afterwards and still feel comfortable, and neither does Bao Qi.
For example, in order to minimize the contact area of her car body, she packed up her hands and feet and tightened her body. She couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. According to her guess, Fang Weijiu, the playboy, probably coughed with a woman not long ago or more than one woman did it in this carriage.
"What’s the matter? ! You look strange. "Touching yourself is still hurting. Fang Weijiu glanced at her.
The chick’s face is abnormal. He found out.
In order to avoid his misunderstanding, of course, she can’t say what she feels, and it’s even more impossible to ask him what car will smell like a woman’s perfume. She sits still with her back straight, as if she were afraid of being contaminated with something unclean. Her face and expression are quite cold and true
But her nose has always been very sensitive, and she was so stimulated by this smell that she accidentally sneezed twice!
"A-choo! Ah-choo! "
The image of the nose is damaged!
Looking slightly, Fang Weijiu probably guessed what the banter was, and his face changed slightly. He didn’t say anything more about casually falling the window, like letting the wind outside the window dilute the smell.
After a long time, there was no need to explain it, but he suddenly said, absent-minded
"My female secretary took this car in the afternoon."
Weirdly tilted her head to look at him, and it seemed very serious’ Oh’. Her face was covered with small expressions of’ I don’t care if you are crazy’.
Then don’t look away.