"Come! !” Oriental check quickly rushed in and grabbed the method of insect in their ears, and then pricked their fingers to drop blood on the method of insect.

The method worm was frightened by the king worm and instantly felt that someone wanted her to admit that she was too scared to admit it directly.
As a burst of white light in her body glided across Gongsun Zhi and Difeng Night breathed a sigh of relief, Liu Xiyu stuttered and stared at her big eyes. "Is this a recognition of the Lord?"
It’s so simple to confess the Lord by dropping blood! !
It seems that Gongsun Zhi, who was thinking in Liu Sunseeker’s mind at night, explained with a smile, "Where is it so easy? After all, it’s thanks to the fact that the king of the temple body worm subdues the genus to pick up the cheap."
Liu Sunseeker looked at the Emperor Phoenix night with sparkling eyes and then shook his head. "It’s still not good. We must take out the Tsukiyomi ikuto worm early. Although I don’t know what harm it will do, it must be terrible."
Of course, being terrible will make the temple forget everything and forget you.
Gongsun Zhi sighed at Liu Sunseeker’s night and looked disapprovingly at Emperor Phoenix’s night. Why didn’t he tell Liu Sunseeker’s night girl that he would lose his memory from time to time? If it caused unnecessary misunderstanding, it would be miserable.
But now is not the time to pull Gongsun Zhi expression a fiercely emperor phoenix night is also full of serious look at willow sunseeker night "left depends on the late son you must deliver MoFei child or we are ready to run! ! !”
Liu Xi nodded later. "I’ll take care of it!"
At the same time, in the high tower of Babel, Buddhist monk wearing black veil was sitting well, but suddenly he threw up.
Ye Zeyuan sat in the Buddhist square and looked back and saw a large dark water mark on the Buddhist black veil.
Don’t guess it’s blood
Night Hao’s eyes darkened. "Master, are you all right?"
The Buddhist coughed heavily and was hoarse and ugly. "I was broken by someone. I can’t believe that the emperor is really getting smarter and smarter!"
His voice is hoarse, male and female, and it’s hard to hear
But then he didn’t say anything about Yeze, but he was lost in thought. This Buddhist is very strange, but it is somewhat true. If you can really teach yourself a word or two,
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 439 The gratitude
After a while, Yeze personally sent a bowl of chicken soup and put it in front of the Buddhist. After a while, he left, and when he came back, the bowl of chicken soup had been eaten up.
Yeze’s lip angle evokes a smile.
"MoFei empress quick force! !”
"Ah, I’m not giving birth. I’m not giving birth."
Liu Sunseeker looked at that Mo Fei in a quiet way at night. It’s unexpected that a child will not cooperate anyway. Is this-thinking that one child will have two lives and then let the emperor shock the cloud to punish her? !
Looking coldly at Liu Xixi who refused to cooperate with Mo Yanyan, she felt sorry for her. This woman lived without herself, just the queen and Mo Ruan Ruan raising loyal dogs.
At this time, a young man in red came in impatiently from the door and covered his nose with disgust when he saw this bloody scene. "What the hell? Let me see this! ! It’s disgusting. "
Then I want to go out.
Liu Xi refused to let him escape at night.
Grabbed at the young sleeve in red smile happily tunnel "monk brother, how can you go? Didn’t you promise to help your sister? "
"Who’s your brother if you go to hell? Hum, whether you want to help depends on my mood." Mock has been extremely proud since his harelip was cured, and his face is going up to the sky.
This young boy is as beautiful as a golden boy. Without scaring people, several ladies-in-waiting around the rabbit’s lips are blushing and their hearts are beating. Although it is not as beautiful as the temple, the handsome boy is also very attractive.
"Be a good boy and I’ll take you to catch birds’ eggs when you finish your work." Liu Xixi coaxed Mo Ke at night.
Mock was furious. "Do you treat me like a three-year-old child? Catch the ghost eggs! !”
Liu Xi giggled at night. "Okay, okay, it’s not that our brother Mock wants to catch birds’ eggs, but that I want to catch them, okay?"
"Hum" monk deigned to be caught by Liu Sunseeker in the evening, but he didn’t contain smoke.
At this time, Mo Yanyan has been so angry that she will die here. These two dogs and men are still flirting at the door. Will this finally be the thought of her?
I wanted to live, but now I am left out and afraid of dying. This kind of psychology is very strange.
At this time, when monk saw her, his face suddenly became impatient and disappeared. Then he solemnly took out a pocket watch from his sleeve and sank, "Look! !”
Then, then, she and the baby in her belly fell into a strange dream, which was to come out of a dark place.
When she tried her best to climb out of the darkness with the baby, she heard a burst of baby crying and then real pain.
Don’t smoke-laden, you’re surprised to hear Mo Ke’s voice. "You’re right. I’m so amazing that even the baby in this woman’s stomach can hypnotize! !”
Liu Xi snorted contemptuously at night. "What’s the matter, little baby? Don’t look in his mother’s belly. He can already hear the adults talking. He knows what you are doing outside."
At this time, it seems like a dream. Don’t contain smoke. Really? Did her child really know her mother long ago? Know everything mom says.
It suddenly occurred to her that she touched her belly and spoke to the child in her belly yesterday. "You can’t come to this world. I’m going to repay you. You must die one day. You won’t be alive until the evening when you die, so that neither the Empress nor Miss Mo Ruan will be troubled."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 44 Do you like others?
Don’t smoke-laden’s heart suddenly startled. The child heard it. Will he always remember it? Will he still recognize her as his mother when he grows up?
She has no family, and suddenly she wants to have this family, but it’s not too late, is it?
"Congratulations to the Emperor Mofei for successfully giving birth to a baby boy. Please give him a name." Finally, the little eunuch came to give Emperor Zhenyun good news as soon as the Tiangou food moon passed.
Emperor Zhen Yunwen was silent for a long time and finally smiled strangely. "The celestial pole is called the celestial pole because it is from heaven."
He turned back and smiled at the queen. "Liu Xiyu really has two girls, but what surprises me most today is that I seem to think of the queen who led the troops to kill the enemy that night, don’t you think?"
Queen smell speech suddenly a surprised fundus alert barb strong smile ",right? That’s good, male and female servants. It’s almost as good to see the temple. "
Emperor Zhenyun nodded meaningfully, "I have waited for him for so many years."
The queen finally didn’t hold back her palm and suddenly clenched a terrible pain to barely block the murder in her heart.
Xuanyuan winds yawned greatly at this time. He has received the news that Liu Sunseeker delivered MoFei safely at night.
After stretching, he was as strong as a bear, and he was full of energy in an instant. The bloodshot eyes showed that he had been guarding here for a long time.
At this time from the body-guard, the official curtain was a face of gloomy tunnel. "Do you really want this?" You must be so active when someone has a fiance to help you. You’ve been waiting here all night at the risk of being affected by the bad luck of the dog eating the moon, but people don’t know. "
Xuanyuan winds see idiot generally saw his one eye "you are sick, your brother also need somebody else’s gratitude? If you are in trouble, I will do the same. "