Regain the active target and really continue to point at female soldiers.

Battalion 12 has no voice now, and the women soldiers over there haven’t responded yet. Suddenly it’s quiet.
Quiet. That’s right. Slags, give me a side, watch and learn. No one can rob us of the Third Battalion. suluo continued to wave his hand and attack like a wave, and he yelled with a knife.
"Lift up your veil and let me see your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are thin and long, like the treetops bend the moon. Your eyebrows are thin and long, like the trees bend the moon."
Sanying body also Sao gas up together.
"Open your mouth and let me listen to your song. Your song is really loud, like the wind and waves whistling. Your song is really loud, like the wind and waves whistling."
Clap after singing.
"One female soldier."
"One female soldier."
"Ha ha"
It’s so coquettish, the head of the team is dumbfounded, and his stomach hurts with laughter, or is suluo talented?
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Big sedan chair
Suluo took the whole 3rd Battalion and danced Xinjiang Dance, twisting his neck in coquettish left and right.
The female soldiers couldn’t help laughing and singing when they saw it. How can it be like this?
"Revolutionary songs are sung by everyone, they sing, and we sing one, two, one, one."
"Well, let’s sing a song about returning from shooting."
"Sunset Xishan hongxia fly.
The soldiers shot at the target and returned to the camp.
Red flowers on the chest reflect rosy clouds.
Happy songs fly all over the sky
used at the end of a sentence
Suluo turned around and compared to a V-shaped 3rd Battalion brothers, clutching their bellies and laughing wildly, while the 1st Battalion and the 2nd Battalion also had a black line for us to wait for.
If you wait for a wool, you won’t have a part tonight. suluo looks disdainful
The female soldiers applauded after singing a song.
It’s the turn of the female soldiers to fight back and point the finger at the 3rd Battalion.
"We sang a sweat. Don’t sit and watch revolutionary songs. We sing. Who should sing?"
"3rd battalion"
"Welcome one from 3rd Battalion"
"One from the 3rd Battalion"
"One from the 3rd Battalion"
Ahem, I can’t push this, but who wants to sing revolutionary songs and jokes with you?
Suluo got up and commanded the battalion to stand up with a wave.
"Brothers, what do you think of our female soldiers and sisters?"
Everyone shouted "beautiful" loudly.
"Do you want to sublimate our pure revolutionary friendship?"
"Eldest brother, how to sublimate?"
"Ha ha ha"
Laughter and whining kept ringing.
"Nonsense, marry and go home."
"One battalion, two battalions, you say you want to or not."
Well, this is the loudest tonight. A group of soldiers of fortune.
"Is that big sedan chair ready?"
"That’s coming."
Suluo waved the crowd together.
"I climbed the hillside when the sun came out.
Climbing to the top of the mountain, I want to sing.
The song floated to my sister.
She laughed when she heard my song.
That hundred flowers are fresh in spring
Me and that sister, holding hands.
I’m at the top of the mountain again. I’ll walk it again
I saw Rhododendron manshanense
You bitch, it’s too much to blow kisses while singing, big brother
If you’re not so talented, you’re the enemy
The 3rd Battalion doesn’t care. The veins stood out on his forehead and he continued to shout loudly.