"Saya!" I woke up at night and heard my mother’s voice.
"Saya, are you okay?" Meiyi then dressed in patients sitting beside xiaoye anxiously said
"What’s the matter with mom and dad? Where is he now? " Fang Ye wanted to sit up but was pressed by Mei Yi.
"You have a good rest. The doctor said that your father is in good health. It’s nothing serious. It’s a slight brain shock and a slight burn on his leg." Mei Yi explained.
Fang Ye was relieved to come and then asked, "Mom, how are you?"
"I have nothing to do. The doctor said that you and I should rest more."
"By the way, Mom, why are we here?"
"It was your friend who saved us, and it was the ones who invited you to our store for dinner." Mei Yi said with excitement.
"Tianyu them?" Xiao ye favour ask
Meiyi nodded and told Xiao Ye what it sounded like.
When police officer Chen arrived, he took the cameraman to the police station and recorded his message.
After recording, Zhong Tianyu, Er Xiu and Xiao Bai came to the People’s Hospital of the city by taxi at two o’clock.
I happened to meet Mei Yi when I first woke up and heard the doctor say that several of them had nothing to do before they left home. It was already past 3: 30 in the evening.
Entering the room, Mu Xue fell asleep but fell asleep at the square table in the living room.
Tianyu gently awakened MuXue and helped her back to her room. She said roughly that the situation was back to her room tonight.
Two whew and Xiao Bai went back to the house and fell asleep regardless of a suit of mud.
Tianyu sighed. There are indeed some things to do tonight.
Tianyu came to the brain and touched a mouse.
The brain has entered the screen saver state, and the screen saver is released after touching the mouse. Tianyu saw qq to unify the news and remembered the scene before leaving the brain.
"Poison Days (Q) administrator has removed you from this group"
This is the unified news
Then there was news that Sister Poison dissolved the discussion group.
And Tianyu and poison elder sister qq dialog box is still flashing, and the consortium group dialog box is still open.
"Unlucky bear, come out and give everyone an explanation!" A line is typing in the group and shouting
After ten minutes, I saw the unlucky bear without showing his face, and someone started typing and shouted, "Hey, unlucky bear, isn’t it afraid to be a coward?"
"That’s it! Didn’t you just say that you are not afraid of small happiness to say this? " A line typing way
"Everybody be quiet. There’s something fishy about it." Suddenly poison elder sister said.
At this time, it was nearly 11: 30 p.m., and the network was disconnected in Sister Poison’s dormitory. At this time, the network card was connected.
"Poison elder sister this unfortunate bear if you don’t give everyone a’ pay’ generation really can’t say the past" little happy typed.
"Unfortunately, the conversation between the bear and Pluto was cut off, and it may be faked in other areas." Sister Poison had been thinking about it before, and then she shook her head, but when she saw that her line was in the group, she said so, so she typed out her guess.
Sister poison’s words still carry a lot of weight, and it may be’ sexual’. It is very likely that Pluto is leaving the business alliance
Suddenly a line typed, "Look, Sister Poison!"
Then a picture was posted.
"A large number of ice robes and mourning grass vests are sold at good prices. Believe it or not, they will definitely make a profit in the future."
The picture is a horn, and almost no one in the business who issued the horn id knows that it is Pluto.
Tang Xiguo frowned.
"Poison elder sister! If those pictures are fake, why does Pluto have a library of ice robes and mourning grass vests? And still a lot! " Eugene saw this picture and typed angrily in the discussion group.
"Poison elder sister! Before, everything in our business alliance was airtight. Since this unlucky bear joined us, almost every time we planned Pluto, we could’ touch’ the ropeway. Is it a coincidence? If the unlucky bear is not a ghost, it is at least his hand! " Small happiness also angrily said
"Yes, Sister Poison, although the unlucky bear took us to make money, every plan is really known to outsiders. In our business, it will be out sooner or later!" A line chimed in
And Yu keliang, the three of them have also been disconnected. At this moment, the mobile phone is paying close attention to this matter.
Yu Keliang saw those lines and suspected that several people immediately replied, "We are not ghosts!"
"It’s hard to tell by a hundred mouths!" Small happy tit-for-tat way
The group began to’ mess’ again.