The man and woman are still immersed in the characters for a long time and can’t play.

Li Fei went to Jiang Lianqi and others. "The most tiring one is finally over. There will be another one later, and then it is estimated that it will be almost the same to shoot a personal memoir and tidbits one day."
Jiang Lianqi nodded his head and put down on Li Fei in such a cold day. Li Fei was wearing a thin illness, but it was warm when he was just covered, but it would be different when he left the hospital bed. Even if the shooting site was heated, it was not warm enough to wear a light coat. He didn’t want Li Fei to get sick.
Looking at it, I was still amazed at Li Fei’s acting skills, and some words of Fang Lian Ning Li Fei stretched out their hands in front of them and waved "Hey, hey, hey."
Two people during the blasted into the ground to speak first praised "my god, brother Li, you played great! I was brought in by your play! "
Li Fei raised his eyebrows. "Are you so exaggerated?"
Fang Lianning asked, "Lao Li, why are you such a miserable character every time you pick up?" What else? The actress is a green tea bitch. And what do you want to play licking the dog? "
Li Fei a face of nai almost crazy low way "you and I want to? ! My mother answered it for me! The director is her friend and she agreed directly. "
Fang Lianning looked at Li Fei sympathetically and looked for sugar in the cracks. She just saw it! Jiang Lianqi clothed Li Fei! This is sugar!
Speaking of the devil, the cheerful voice of Jiang Ming sounded from behind Li Fei. "Baby, did you miss your mother?" Mom came to see you again ~ "
Looked at Jiang Ming Li Fei turned some nai "not to say that let you stay at home? What are you doing out in such cold weather? Dad didn’t stop you? "
Jiang Ming proudly inserted his waist. "Just because your father can stop me?"
Blasted into the ground already see stay half a day to find their own voice "li3 ge … your mother was Jiang Ming! God, after all these years, it’s exactly the same as when I was young. Is this taking preservatives three times a day? I’ve seen it on the screen before, and now it’s so beautiful to see a real person … I realize it, Prime Minister! "
Li Fei looked at him with a black face. Is this guy mindless? ! Li Zhenyu has begun to smell terror. Didn’t he feel it at all? Li Fei quickly woke up and said, "Pay attention to your words and deeds."
Jiang Ming was quite happy and walked over. "Oh, this kid’s mouth is so sweet. Are you a little friend? Xiao Fei usually gives you trouble, doesn’t he? "
Fang Lianning also had to sigh, "I finally know the reason why Lao Li’s acting skills are so good. It turns out that the genes are powerful …"
Jiang Ming noticed Fang Lianning and immediately associated it with Li’s saying "Li Fei made a girlfriend" before the night. Holding Fang Lianning’s hands before leaving with his eyes shining, "You are the one, right? I heard from my little girl that you are Xiao Fei’s girlfriend, right? Oh, don’t be afraid that aunt is not a bad person and won’t break you up. I’m a little excited. It’s good. It’s good. If I pay attention to skin care and dress up, I’m also a big beauty! "
Almost at the same time, Li Fei pulled open Fang Lian Ning Li Zhenyu and opened Jiang Ming. Li Fei buried his face in Nai Tao, "I’m sorry to make you laugh. My mother is more … casual." Li Fei thought for a long time and thought of this word to form Jiang Ming.
Fang Lianning actually said, "If you have nothing to do, just ask your mother to sign it for me later. My mother is a big fan of your mother."
Wen Renyi also raised his hand excitedly and said, "I, I, I and I want it!"
Jiang Ming is cheerful. "No problem, no problem ~"
Jiang Lianqi sipped his lips and never said a word. His eyes were a little dim.
Fang Lian-ning said in front of Li Fei, "Who’s the heroine of this drama?"? How come I’ve never seen it? Such poor acting skills will not bring money into the group, will they? " But she saw the actor who played the heroine before the shooting started, after dropping eye drops into her eyes, she just whined, and her lines didn’t have any feelings, and she was so inarticulate
Speaking of this actress, Li Fei is helpless. He glanced at the actress who was surrounded by a group of people and replied, "Almost. She is the director’s daughter."
Fang Lianning tutted, "No wonder."
Li Fei barely managed to smile and meet such an actor. He is also very naive. He has been trying very hard to play for the actress, but the actress can still hold on without picking him up at all.
When Jiang Lianqi saw his eyes, he came over to Li Fei and said, "It’s almost time to rest. You have to shoot a scene later."
Wen Renyi scratched his head. "No, isn’t Brother Li’s character already dead … is there anything else to shoot?"
Li Fei explained that "filming can’t be done in the order of video broadcast, so it’s time-consuming and money-consuming. Generally speaking, it’s best to shoot the same scene at one time."
Blasted into the ground and nodded his head. So that’s it. He has gained knowledge.
Chapter DiYiSiLiu is your bad idea.
"Li Fei! I brushed you in Weibo. Did you take pictures in the winter vacation? " Tian Xu excited to sit in a seat before Li Fei turned around and said to him
Don’t be so excited when he brushed the news at home. I’ve been thinking about asking Li Fei face to face when school starts. I’m looking forward to it today!
Li Fei looks a little ugly and directly denies Sanlian’s "I’m not, I don’t have you, don’t talk nonsense"
Tian Xu waved his hand. "Oh, I know you have to keep it a secret to get into trouble. Isn’t that between us?"
Li Fei frowned "Weibo? Which marketing number do you see from? Maybe it’s scribbling? "
Tian Xu said, "No, you did a hot search. You don’t know?"
Li Fei’s frown is even tighter. He really doesn’t see how often Weibo brushes Weibo, that is, once a month. After all, he really doesn’t care much about entertainment. The main reason is that the environment in Weibo is too bad. He doesn’t like it very much.
Hot search? He just got killed this week, and now it’s a hot search? Haven’t you finished filming yet? What the hell is going on?
Li Fei was just about to take out his mobile phone to see what was going on. The teacher just entered the classroom from the outside, so he silently put his hand into his pocket and reached out again.
Since he can’t see it for himself, ask Tian Xu. Since Tian Xu came to talk to him about it, he must know the details.
"What will be hot search? Who else has exposed the news? " Li Fei grabbed Tian Xu’s shoulders and asked
"Why do you look so ugly? Are you all right? " Some Tian Xu was scared by Li Fei’s expressions and actions and could not help but worry and asked.
Li Fei noticed that his gaffe was a little restrained. "I’m fine. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?" He came here to help. He didn’t intend to enter the entertainment circle again. He has been out of sight for so long, and he has almost faded out of public view. If he was forced to open his business at this time, it was a little hot. Now he has returned to the hot search. What should he do?
Once he has a fever, there will be many comedies that will come to him, and it will be very troublesome for him to refuse one by one.
He hasn’t terminated his contract with the company yet, so the company will definitely let him take less. After all, it’s a company, not a charity. How can he be reckless?
He wanted to cancel the contract with the company before, but Li Xin didn’t promise or give it to him. Although Qian Lianqi had a direct decision, he wouldn’t agree to it, and … His heart was still so reluctant …
Li Fei worries a lot, but at present, the most important thing is that he needs to know where the news is coming from!
Tian Xu replied, "At first, an actress sent a video of you on the set, and then immediately after you filmed that play, Guan Bo also sent some videos of you on the set, which seemed to rub you off. After all, that drama" Morning Evening "was not very popular some time ago. Let me think about what it was called … it seems to be called losing … Ah, I won’t lose you again!"
Li Fei’s fist is getting tighter and tighter. Before signing the contract, he said that there would be no spoilers and tidbits before the screening of this film, including that day when Yi Wen and Fang Lianning wanted to record some videos and take some photos as a souvenir, but it was not allowed. It was sent out by themselves in a few days. Hehe, it’s just a slap in the face!