Chu Yun’s face is so white in the moonlight that he can’t see the color in Xiao Yuan’s words. It’s not words that hurt people, but facts in this words.

If tenderness doesn’t change, if consideration doesn’t change, if bright smile doesn’t change, but her heart knows that something has changed, even though he has done everything the same as before, his heart can always feel that something is gradually losing. It’s impossible to really care. How can it be completely erased when the cracks are really there?
If you smile at her, she smiles back, and both sides know that it is different.
If I stop walking around the Xiaoxiang Pavilion every night sighing and trying my best to find opportunities and come to her with a bad eye every night to talk about things that are not interesting.
She won’t make fun of him again, and she won’t bet that she won’t laugh at him because of his ugliness and his mistakes.
He is too considerate to her, she is too gentle to him, and both of us are too caring.
When something happened, both sides tried to make up for it and avoided it carefully, but they were so tired and hard that they had to temporarily escape from each other’s interlocking cages by visiting one by one.
Seeing what precious things are disappearing little by little, but it’s so frustrating that people can’t reach out and keep them. It’s impossible for people to cry and wail like this. How can others come to this month with such sarcasm and stab her heart in vain?
Chu Yun’s pale face kept her waist straight without looking at Xiao Yuan’s expression of expecting her to collapse and turned away.
Xiao Yuan said slowly behind her, Do you want to know where your husband is enjoying a happy life today?
Chu Yun didn’t look back and didn’t stop.
In the moonlit lake, Zhao Yuanchao Yao Chengtian also gave a banquet to Master Xie Jiasun, the richest three forces in Jeju, saying that Gong Xiaoyuan had a sneer at his lips. Maybe you didn’t know that Zhao Yuanchao was in Su Yiniang’s painting house the day before yesterday, and she talked for a long time. Yesterday, Yao Chengtian met Lu Daojing at the magistrate’s yamen. It is said that it was Su Yiniang’s redemption, and Jeju Huakui Su Yiniang was finally going to jump into the dust, but I don’t know which tree Silk Luo would attach.
Chu Yun suddenly turned around and shot a sword in his eyes. What do you want to say? What do you want to see? I’m jealous. I’m jealous. Does his loss make you so excited? I’ll tell you what happened before him. I won’t be negative. I won’t hurt him. He will never break my heart.
How dare you say such a thing today when Xiao Yuan sneers at it again and again?
I dare not make mistakes, but I have never hurt him too much. I also believe in his world. I believe that people like you will never be white. If you don’t know what he thinks, you won’t do things for nothing. You know how to value the happiness of others’ lives more than everything. You will never be sacrificed by others and will never be treated so sincerely.
Her beautiful eyes are burning. Don’t touch him. I don’t care what your idea is. I don’t care whether you are royal or not. I don’t care how much power you have secretly. You can spy on so many things in Jeju City. If you hurt him, I will make you immortal.
Xiao Yuan was determined by her tone to shock him for a while. He could gawk at this stunning beautiful woman.
She is a weak woman in the deep palace, but now she can hold a sword to defend her beloved man. At this moment, the momentum seems to be not afraid of world war.
Xiao Yuan’s momentum was taken away, and he could stare at this beautiful figure for a long time. The bitterness in his eyes gradually turned into deep pain.
People like me won’t understand him.
Empress, how can you know people like me?
I won’t treat people sincerely and people will treat me sincerely?
Xiao Yuan’s face is full of ridicule and ridicule. What do you know about sincerity?
Chu Yun went back to Xiaoxiang Pavilion, quietly took the ordinary clothes, and put them on one by one without waking Ningxiang.
Looking at the moon lake from the window, a little candlelight will reflect your sad eyes
If I can’t be wrong again, I won’t let everything just disappear.
What happened, you and I will pretend it didn’t happen, but I will try my best to make it up to you. If you wait for me.
The fifth chapter one night ecstasy
If you are drunk
Recently, he is particularly easy to get drunk. How can a purple gold cup lanling wine beauty fragrance man not get drunk?
But that’s not why he was drunk.
Don’t do a world-shaking dance because the wine is not good and the banquet is not in front of you.
He is drinking and drinking until the glass is dry.
I’m getting drunk, and I can hardly see the dance. I’ll sit next to you and persuade the peerless beauty.
Zhao Yuancheng’s voice in my ear is hazy as if I were in another world. Speaking of Miss Su’s regard sb with special respect for the public, the public loves Miss Su so much. It seems that we have done nothing wrong in this matter. It is a must to love this gift from the public.
If you squint at Brother Zhao, what is a good gift?
Yao Chengtian smiled and handed a piece of paper. Look.
If the eyes can see clearly where the paper is, what is it with a giggle?
It’s Miss Su’s body contract. From today on, she’s divorced from her family and her whole heart belongs to you.
If you want to send a glass of wine to your mouth, suddenly he looks down at the identity card, although you can’t read the paper clearly. Turn around and look at Su Yi Niang sitting there, although her beauty is blurred.
Clear eyes, tired eyes, dancing, peerless, the world will judge her as a prostitute, and in the end, it is just that others will pass her identity papers around in front of her.
This is your gift if you can’t speak clearly because you drink too much wine.
Yes, or did we ask Awakening to know that your Miss Su didn’t leave her family until she got the consent of Master Lu?
However, if you suddenly drink up the wine in a cup and then cough violently, you will finally look up and see things clearly, and your eyes will be fixed on Su Yi Niang.
You don’t have to put some flowers in your heart. Xie Xingsi smiles beside you.
Of course, it will scare ordinary people to death if Su Yi Niang is redeemed, but it is not a big deal for the three people present in terms of financial resources.
Who knows if this is not the case?